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Day 1 again

Hi everyone,

I was on the boards here, I think back in February, and managed to stay quit for around 6 months. Then occasionally I started sneaking the odd one when drinking, and can feel the nicotine slowly grabbing hold of me again. These days I'm not that bad with the nicotine, as I can not smoke for a day or two. But I always seem to crack when I have a drink. The psychological hold is strong and my defenses are weakened. It's been a hell of a year, and I'm actually quite proud I made it through the rough bit without smoking. It's funny how when the worst was over, I started smoking again.

So, I'm coming on here to formally quit again.

Best of luck to all!

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It's great that you can feel it grabbing hold of you again instead of being in denial about it and calling yourself a 'social smoker' or something.

Well done for making this life-changing decision again, even when you know it will be hard. Eitherway, having been quit for 6 months previously, you'll know very well the benefits far outweigh the difficulties and it will get easier and easier to not smoke.

First thing's first... whoever it giving you cigarettes when you're drinking you should probably ask them nicely if they could please stop because I'm sure it will help to not have an easy 'source' of cigs when drinking :) (I find cig machines VERY tricky when I'm drunk, hehehe).

Gd luck and stay strong :)


Welcome back!!

As allways we are here for you.

Hang ion there.:)


Thanks SLB and Gary.

I did go through the 'social smoker' phase and denial and all that. Just really fast. Last time was the first time I ever tried to quit, so I was actually thinking that maybe I could just be a social smoker. But, that is not for me, and anyways my lungs feel like crap after even one ciggy.

As far as telling people not to give me smokes, I understand that, but would rather police myself. Maybe that's the wrong attitude though, I'll give it a think.



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