No Smoking Day
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Wow! Look at me, I've never gotten this far to post in here!

This is pretty exciting to be able to post in Month 2! I'm like a little kid in a candy store!!!! :D

So...I am still doing GREAT! Cravings are so far and few between it's nuts. BUT...I did manage to break up with my boyfriend AGAIN and AGAIN in November, actually we have done this the past 3 years and spend the holidays apart. But this time it was me, you know it's like when I divorced my husband the light switch went off and I was done and I never looked back, then with smoking light switch again bam! I'm done. Then with this guy, light switch went off and I am done with him, 6 years off and on with all the ups and downs I finally decided if I can get rid of a bad habit smoking I can get rid of bad habit aka boyfriend. I will admitt "maybe" twice did smoking cross my mind but like here lately when it does I think of how far I've come and how I did it CT this time and I don't want to start all over again then it goes away.

So instead I go home get on the treadmill walk and jog for 30 mins, fix a bit to eat, take a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine and watch Hell's Kitchen! So much better than standing out in the cold smoking!!!!!

Life is good!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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:) congrats on 2 months thats brill

staying positive helps and you seem to have alot of positive energy

well done and you certainly deserve a treat from all the money you have saved :):)

regards carol


That's great Mic. You're doing really well and sound very strong and committed!!

Onward and upward and watch those months count up!!

Ed xx


hi Mic

good post certainly made me feel motivated thanx:D


Well done!:D hope you enjoy your new home in the second month house:D

Save some room for me when i get there;)

lee x x


Well done and welcome to the warm and cosy month 2 : )


Well done Michelle :D

Yes brilliant to stay positive, you are doing superb :D

Snowie x


Hey Mic

That is sooooo great, well done, I'm following close behind you.


Well done Michelle! You are doing so well! we are all very proud of you :)


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