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End of Day 2

Hi everyone.

When I got up this morning things were not looking good. I came downstairs to find that the dog had been through my handbag and had eaten the rest of my supply of pear drops. Then I went out to defrost the car, only to find it wouldn't start, so a kind neighbur helped me jump start it. I was not a happy bunny :mad: After dropping the little one at school, I went straight to the newsagents before work and bought......more pear drops!!

Apart from scoffing loads of rubbish and continuosly munching on pear drops, today hasn't been that bad after all. Though hubby keeps on being snapped at over the slightest little stirring the cabbage with the fish slice instead of the wooden spoon. :o

Anyway, thought I'd take the bull by the horns and go to bingo tonight (I help out every week at the local social club and bring the average age down by about half :D). Well, am pleased to say it was fine. I stuck with a soft drink and stayed inside at the break and ate my pear drops! I even won a tenner :D

Tomorrow could be interesting as I'm going on a course in London and have to be on the train before 8. The only thing I'm really struggling with is my sleep. I presume it is the Champix as I've been like this for over a week now...waking up every hour or so from a wierd dream, and then when I go back to sleep, joining the dream at the same point. No joke but last night I dreamt that the dog was given fillings and that was before I woke up to find that she'd eaten the sweets. How wierd was that!!

Oh, and the course is about tax, so I'm going to be bored out of my face, and boredom is one of my triggers. But I'm sure I will be fine.

Hope everyones doing well, & thanks for listening


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Good morning Rachel

Just wanted to say well done for getting through Day 2 and without giving in when everything else around you seem to be ganging up on you, so from me that deserves a very big well done :)

Anyhow, hope the course is not too boring for you today and when those others go out for a puff dont be jealous be happy that your no longer a slave to the Nicomonster :)

The Champix for me gave me weird dreams, i came off of them after 12 days (7 days quit) because of the dreams and how they were making me feel in my own head. I then had a few days of weird dreams but i think in your case its more than likely the Nicotine leaving your body thats making you have the strange dreams and restless nights, but it does get better.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, dont let your guard down and things do get better honestly ;)



Well done Rachel, it sounds like you are doing well. You seem to have a very positive attitude which really helps.

Good luck for today, i hope your course isn't too boring :D


Hi Jo & Karen

Course wasn't too bad, well I didn't fall asleeep :D Had one odd moment when I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 1 o'clock and I thought, oooh I can go have a fag in a minute. Then I sat there and thought, what the hell did I think that for :eek: Even got bought a beer on the way home, and even though it didn't taste 'right', I was more interested in looking for when my train was leaving and chatting to my colleague, than sneaking off for a fag. It did help I think that she only gave up 3 months ago and knows what I'm going through. Seeing the quit nurse on Friday, at least my CM level won't be 23 :o


Hey hun, glad the course wasn't too bad :o

I had many "moments" where I forgot that I'd stopped. Mostly after dropping my little one off at school, i'd get home and think "oooh i'll pop out the back for a fag" and then i'd remember that i'd stopped, and for awhile i'd be sad about it. It doesn't last for long though.

I had my CM reading done after 4 days and it was 1, the highest it's been since i quit was 2, and that was just once. It's very motivating especially in the first couple of weeks. Don't forget to check in and let us know how you're doing :)


Last night I had weird dreams, but can't remember them now, the night before I was fending off these mean little piggy looking things (that was quite scary) and the night before that someone I used to be best buddies with at school became famous and completely brushed me off. I woke up doing that dry sobbing thing!

They are strange and I'm waking regularly but I'm able to sleep ok really as I can easily get back off and also, if it helps me quit, it's worth it.


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