No Smoking Day
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Moved up to week 3

Wow, cannot believe that I have completed two weeks already, time is flying. I thought that Sunday was going to be the worst day ever, it was going to be the first day that I did not have to do anything and planned a lazy day with OH. I was up at 9 and watching tv, and thought that if I did not have a shower and put a patch on first thing, I would be his worst nightmare. But I got through the whole day without anything at all and only thought about about smoking a couple of times and when I did I went for the biccies. The weight is going on but give it another couple of weeks, then back on the diet. I dont want to be a weeble for my wedding.


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Right on, what a super victory :) :)


Well done PP :)

Week 3 has been waiting for you to come a knockin, keep up the good work my friend. See you in the Month 1 soon.



Thanks, the support from the forum has been a great help.



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