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Day 3 and moving to CT

So this is my third attempt, its great to see so many inspiring stories to help keep the momentum going!!

I feel a strange calmness this time, Ive stopped for 8 months before but never before have I felt like I was never having another cig.....but now I feel like a non-smoker!!

On patches now but moving to CT on Sunday. First 7 days for me is the worst, so I figure a little help from the patches will get me to that first big milestone!

Good luck to everyone!!

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A lovely warm welcome from me to.....

You are at the right place for support, so please post as and when you need, especially if your feeling a but grumpy. Lol

Just keep at it. A very big well done from me:)


hey gally,

well you're in the right place if re looking to rant, complain, bitch, read about others experiences and get words of wisdom...

its been helping me out a lot !! the forum has a great bunch of folks !

first seven days worst, agreed....but as cliched as it sounds, it does get easier.


Hi Gally

A very warm welcome from me to!

Firstly, congratulations on making the best decision ever on quitting.

You are already a non-smoker!!!!!!

This forum is great - lots of really kind people to offer support, tips & advice whenever you need it. Looking forward to your posts

Have a great day




Thank everyone for the warm welcome and support!

We can all smell better together! x


Hi and welcome from me too Gally, this is a great forum. Good luck :)


I can smell how sweet your are from here, Gally ;)

Well done on your first 3 days. It's a lovely feeling when you start to fly solo but do make sure you don't try to walk before you can run won't you? It's worth considering keepping something to hand just in case you need it (I kept a packet of the low strength lozenges with me until very recently when I finally destroyed them :D).

You're doing great and I will look forward to reading more of your posts. :) A huge welcome from me.



Congratulations and welcome !!!

Stay strong, keep calm and know that all cravings (if they come), are temporary, and will go away. This addiction has to go; we will be walking this path together. I've countless failed attempts under my belt, and this time, due to this forum, and perhaps other reasons as well, I've managed to stay clean.

So come online often, read and post ! See you very soon in Week 2. :D


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