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Day 15


Hi folks, all still going strong I see - keep up the good work.

Thanks NuttyNursee for your EPIC post in the 'your reasons' forum - filled the void between poached eggs and football - would have had a craving without that distraction!!

So here I am just setting out on week 3 - been fine so far - went to bed just before midnight last night, and woke up at 9:45 so I'm catching up on my sleep. By the time I'd properly got up, had tea, then a coffee and the eggs, I had missed the first two lozenges - I've had my 11:30 one, and just popped in the 1:15 one - looks like I'll get 7 today instead of 9, but that's no bad thing.

Happy and comfortable in the lounge, raining and cold outside - I'm hoping for a Ferrari victory in the Grand Prix, and a big Arsenal victory. Begrudgingly I also want Chelsea to win for the benefit of my Fantasy team.

Keep going - we're doing GREAT...

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