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Day 15 ALREADY!!!!!!


I am so pleased with myself that I must post this small message in WEEK 3...WOWZERS!! I did it, i actually managed to get here to day 15 without a single puff....YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!! I will go to bed singing a happy song in my head... :D BOOOYYYAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

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Keep going with it all - you're going to do it.

I'm up because of sleep problems again - just can't seem to crack that one.

Have a good nights rest

Big Hugs

Thanks so much Poppy! I had trouble sleeping again last night - it is terrible isn't it?! I hope you can soon manage to sleep properly. A nice warm bath before before bed with some bubbles and epsom salts to relax might help us :D Have a great day today as I am about to hit the hay and hopefully sleep a good sleep. Talk to you tomorow hun!


Well done NoSmoke4me:) Keep up the good work.:)

The sleeping thing does get better as time goes on.

Took us quite a while but can now report that sleeping is pretty much back to normal, besides the fact that we can now breathe 10 times better:D

it's a long road but definitely worth it.:)

Hi Zip929

Thanks ever so for that message because I am going bonkers with not being able to sleep at the moment. I feel like a washed out dish cloth - but just toss and turn all night. Good to hear it gets better.

Hope you are both well - and well done for your quit.

Big Hugs


Thanks guys! I am trying my hardest Boudee! :D

I am very happy to hear that sleeping gets better :eek:

Hey I missed this thread!! :confused: :eek:

Well Done ns4m x x

I have watched you blossom on here and it's been lovely :D

From small monotoned single lined posts to

cheery colourful heartfelt essays! :D

Your doing fantastic and so worthy of the freedom x x ~Buffy x x

Uhhh Boudee - I would really like my star back lol. Geeze ~ can you believe that! Stolen sabres on here and now a stolen star... what's next???!!!

My hubby would say to take me, but i am in the same situation as you Bou - they would send me home soooo fast my head would spin. But hey - I didn't forget about my star being stolen. You probably didn't even send me one ~ you just told me you did and then said it was stolen...i see how you are :p

LOL - you are the rotter...sending me stolen stuff. Of course that star is stolen, you sent it :p

Yeah well go check out post - day 2 boo hoo!!

You have to be fast to be a thief....or else you will get caught :eek:

NS4M, WELL DONE! Out of all of those stars you are the biggest. Keep it going.:) :) :)

Thank You!!!!!!!

You guys made my day as I am a grumpy "bitch" lmao! My hubby just laughs at me during my weak moments - GRRRRR!!! Bou you can call me a bitch cause i deserve it - lol! :D

:D :D Well done NS4M,

Sorry it's a bit late but I can always say in 2 minutes it will be congratulations it's 16 days!

Keep it up,

Befly x x

Lol nope because it is 12am your time, but I am in Canada so it is still only 7pm here! You are still okay with time :)

Oh yeah,

Silly me, I forgot you were over there!

Befly x x:D :D

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