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19th Day :)~Nearly 3 whole WEEKS

Good morning all,

Well this is another great morning for me as i have now reached Day 19, so that means Sunday 14th will be exactly 3 weeks and on Monday 15th i will be joining the Month 1 experiences, although i may stay in the Week 3 section until 23rd Nov as then for me i will know i have completed a Month.

Reason for staying where i am too is because i wont feel like i have reached the Month until the first 4 weeks have been done its also a little weird how the milestone weeks are placed out in the Quitting Experiences but hey ho others have coped and this site is really good.

Today i have my X-ray. I am waiting now on my OH to get out of the pit because we wanted to leave at 8.45am when the kids go to school and then we can drive down to the hospital, my OH can leave me there while i wait and then he can come and collect me later. Im even taking my knitting with me to keep me busy otherwise its going to be boring and could end up being a long wait, well you know what these hospitals are like and i dont have an appt as such just a turn up and wait. I will let you all know later how it goes but i dont know if i will get the results today mind you.

Anyhow, keep up the good work and make sure you have another smoke free day.


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Morning Jo,

Two more days and you are on 3 weeks and I will reach a month (I don't agree that 4 weeks is a month, not unless your PG, I work to calendar months) yay for both of us.

Good luck at the hospital today and hope you don't have to wait too long. Have to say that I have never waited that long for an x-ray, when just going for the x-ray. I doubt very much you will get the results today. It can normally take up to a couple of weeks but you may be lucky.

Have a good day Matey.




wow, 3 weeks, has it already been that long? I know I haven't commented much on your posts but I've been following your posts and its so great to see you still so excited and so near the 3 week mark :)

gd luck at the hospital



Afternoon Guys and Gals

Well im back from the hospital, only waited about an hour and now its a case of waiting for my GP to get the results whenever they get them. I am also hoping that the GP get my blood test results today too and then if need be let me know if there is anything in those that may be aggrevating my throat and chest. The X-ray was super quick, even had to put on one of those lovelly hospital gowns. Im down there again on the 22nd of this month for day surgery so no doubt i will be asked to wear the designer dress again, they are just sooooooooooooooooo 1900's and totally clash with my Uggs u know ;).

Anyhow, when i hear back from these people with the results i will let you all know. Im still taking the antibiotics and they are doing something but i am constantly trying to clear my nose and throat now. I dont really want a cough or a cold but its at this moment in time i wish i would have one then i can start to shift the leftovers thats im my system still.

Catch ya all soon



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