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Hi everyone!!!

Hello everybody in the forum,

I have been reading through your posts on many occasions and always felt it helped.

I am very happy I have made this decision, and glad I made it to 10 pm without smoking today.

My story is a complicated one, I have previously quit twice but started again due to the onset of Ulcerative Colitis symptoms (and horrible ones) on both occasions.

This was 2 years ago and since then I have been too scared to try and quit again. Now I find myself at a very intersting point in my life, having lost my job and gone through the most stressful of times, my colitis has flared up again, it seems it doesn't make the heck of a difference whether I smoke or not so now I want to try and quit again, or at least go for NRT/harm reduction.

I hope that if I manage to stay calm and make this as stress free as possible this time my body will listen.

Wish me good luck!

(also have job interview tmw morning so need twice the luck)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you have had a tough time, but choosing to stop smoking is the right decision and you should never doubt that.

Reading the posts and the links will help. Education is the key to a successful quit.

Stay strong, post often, read loads, drink water - all of these things will help.

Good luck with the interview and of course let us know how you got on.



Hope the interview went well this morning.

Well done on deciding to be free!

UC is not a nice thing, but not smoking will only make it better, not worse. The start of the symptoms coinciding with being smoke free will be purely coincidence I'm sure of that.

How on earth can a poison help your body to heal itself?

I suffer with IBS (I know UC is far worse, my bro has Krohn's) and since stopping I've not had to take any of my drugs and been absolutely fine. My GE is very impressed but says it's no surprise really, not smoking makes everything easier for your body to deal with.

Anyway welcome aboard and here's to a healthier, brighter future you are more in control of :D



Lots of things going on here.. :mad:

Now that you have decided to give up smoking you have gotta be also gotta say to yourself its the right decision !!! in many ways...but only you can say...have I the strength at this time to give up...I think because you have found this site you really are up for it...and you should stick by the strength and go for it:)

I felt the same way as yourself when I first stopped, I seen myself making up excuses...dont let it get a hold !!! kick ass and tell yourself I can do this ...And before you know it will be stopped like myself now for 2 months and feeling hey this is cool I am the non smoker:) aint gonna be easy but stick it out trust me as the days go on it does get better..;)


thank you to all of you for your replies.

I am now on day 6 and still not smoking!

I have not heard from the job (yet) though which is a bit sad as I had all my hopes up high :-(

btw the good thing is that I am not smoking, but still using NRT which is helping relieving the UC symptoms somehow. It is still hard, expecially with all the changes going on in my life and the fact that I am finding myself with way too much free time, little or no idea about what I want to do in the future and of course no money.

But I think I am at least taking care of this and trying to put my life in a better place in the future.

I want to stick to this. I know from personal experience the hardest part will come when I will have to go nicotine free, I am sometimes tempted to do it straight away and get away with it but I am too scared of the effect it coud have on my physical and mental conditions.all my respect to those here who managed to quit cold turkey !

This forum is amazing, reading what other people are going through is so helpful. andI hope I will be able to come back here soon with some good news.


Hey Icandothis,

Wow your on Day 6 already that is just so great, it really is.

Dont ever underestimate yourself as if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

You will come off of the NRT when you feel ready, we are all at different stages in our quit and have done so with various systems as you say some CT, some champix then CT, some NRT etc etc you manage the best way for you. Dont go stopping the NRT if your not ready as you dont want to jepodise how far you have come so do it as you feel right.

Anyhow, heres to the first week down. Keep your guard up as that naughty nicodemon will try his hardest even now to get back into your mind so if he comes a calling give him the boot.



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