No Smoking Day
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A new experience

I decided to treat myself and OH to a Chinese this evening. He always has hot and sour soup. As I was piling everything into bowls, I noticed this strong ginger-like smell and asked him if he had sprayed air freshner or something.

He couldn't understand what I was on about. I went round the kitchen to sniff out the source of the smell and it was the hot and sour soup. I had never ever noticed it had a smell before, he (a lifelong non-smoker) tells me it's always smelled like that. So my sense of smell is obviously much better.

Now just dreading the next time the dog passes wind!!!!:D

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Love it...can't wait now to give up so I can taste things properly, and smell things for the 1st time in over 20 years.............well maybe not actually, hubby and son eat a lot of brussel sprouts :eek:

Good luck & keep strong x


Trandem - that's so great! I was suprised by my sense of smell as well... I've got a really good sense of smell as it was but I was amazed by the improvement!

I live surrounded by cowfields so totally with you on dreading the bad smells!

How wonderful for you :)


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