No Smoking Day

400 Cigarette Experiment

Hi All,

Below is a video of an experiment, where 400 cigarettes are lit up and the contents/chemicals are collected in a jar filled with water...

its not one of those shock tactic ads or anything...

Not sure if this has been posted at all... but its an interesting view....

hopefully this triggers smokers to quit and keeps others steadfast with their goals of quitting...

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Thats shocking!!! and to think I smoked roughly 400 cigs (give or take a few) in a month for 16 years!!!


This video is just another shock tactic, and while very true will still not necessarily put off most hardened smokers.

Ever since I can remember there have been warnings of the dangers of smoking.

The tactics they use to make people realise how damaging cigarettes are for your health have progressively got more shocking over the years in the hope of getting people to stop.

It shows the extent of the addictiveness of nicotine where personally when I was smoking, this video would of shocked me but I would of carried on smoking.

The same as when my father died of lung cancer from over 40 years of heavy smoking. When I got the news that he had died, all I wanted to do was have a cigarette. I'd totally forgotton that he had just died from smoking, and this was 3 months into my quit. (Oh I didn't have one in the end).

Looking at the video now, I'm so glad I gave up, but I don't know whether it would of had the same effect when I was smoking.


Looking at the video now, I'm so glad I gave up, but I don't know whether it would of had the same effect when I was smoking.

It wouldn't have worked for me, basically because I would have NEVER accepted to watch it when I was a smoker :D Seriously, I was in such denial I would avoid newspapers' articles, tv dossiers, simple footage like this and anything else even remotely suggesting that Smoke Is Bad, so I'm sure that without being tied up to a chair and forced to keep my eyes open in a Lodovico Treatment style, I would have never, ever watched a video like this.

The fool I was :rolleyes::D


I've just remembered something!:rolleyes:

Even though me and the wife smoked, she was always the one to suggest giving up. I would always change the subject cos I didn't want to hear it!

I hated it everytime a quit smoking advert would appear on the t.v.:mad:

It would remind her, and then she would bring up the subject again.

I was so wrapped up in my nicotine addiction that I didn't want to watch them, so they didn't affect me.

My wife gave up when she got pregnant but she say's she hasn't officially given up as she only smoked socially. Hopefully she won't start again after the baby is born cos I won't be! :D


It wouldn't have stopped me

I just watched the clip. To be honest, it wouldn't have stopped me when I smoked and I wouldn't have avoided it because I always chose to smoke. Even though I smoked over 20 a day, strangely, I never thought that I was addicted, unless I ran out (obviously, then I did !).

I'm glad I watched it though (I may get the shark to watch it later if she starts talking to me), just as part of the constant affirmation that I do to remind myself why not only do I not smoke, but why I won't ever again.

I feel really happy to have given up and there's not a day goes by when I'm not still chuffed with myself !

Hopefully, the readers that don't post, and the fencesitters that want to give up but haven't quite made their minds up - will benefit from watching it.



Know what you mean, i watched and i know i would have said " Ah but you dont smoke 400 fags constantly, half of them burn away in your hand." i always thought i was being conned in some way. that these adds etc were over the top and not 100% true, just scare tactics. its wierd how you defend old nic while in his grip Ahhhhh! glad i have tied his hands if not completly rid myself of him. stay strong folks.x


Its still pretty f'ed up to watch this though.

I didnt expect there to be so much of the stuff left at the end!


May be useful to some, probably those who don't smoke heavily. Doubt if it would deter the hardened smoker as he/she doesn't want to know anyway.


my thoughts

Hi all,

I think we are alright really.I watched the experiment and thought so what! When I was smoking I never took any notice of the adds or the warnings on the packets you are a nicotine addict and until you decide that THATS IT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH then it doesnt matter what anyone says or shows you.You have to make the desision yourself because boy its not easy to see through with or without drugs etc.So you really need that commitment. This is my 5th try and I am not going through this again:eek:.Slowley getting easier now on day 13 and are DEFINATLY not smoking again.Chrissie


that's the spirit Chrissie.. never mind how many times you've tried before, this is the time that counts right?!:) Keep strong.:D


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