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new game?????

hey everybody - quick question!! Has anybody discovered a new really annoying game called FIND THAT SMELL!!

Can finally smell like a human being again and has discovered that my house STINKS -house is now spotlessly clean but one smell is lingering and it's not smoke. Cant figure out the cause of the smell but its getting right up my nose all the time when im at home - have cleaned carpets, curtains, dog (she wasnt impressed) even myself (just in case) and everything else i can think off. I still cant find the culprit of the stink.

Have laughed at myself quite a few times when ive found myself on my hands and knees crawling around trying to figure out the cause. Am quite obsessive about it!!! :eek: OH thinks lack of cigarettes has made me quite insane.

all similar stories welcome - need a good giggle and a 'pick me up'

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LOL I can totally relate.

I've thought many times these days crunching up my nose at other people (not even smokers) how can you SMELL like that....

My son wore a sweatshirt that reeked of pot yesterday. In my car! Gosh I could have dumped the car... He swore his body had not seen any smokes that day, must be the shirt. But MAN, it was bad LOL.....

Not to speak of the dog farting, now that's just evil ;) LOL, wasn't that bad before when I was smoking ;)


My car smells. Not like smoke, like cats wee :eek: I don't know why. I have got a cat but he doesn't go anywhere near the car as it is locked away in the garage and besides he's quite happy peeing in my flowerbeds :mad:

Don't get it, wish it would stop raining long enough for me to go out and clean it, would do it in the garage but barely enough room to get out of the car let alone open the door full to hoover and clean.

So now you know, my car stinks like cats wee :o

S xx


Hahahaha love those stories we'll have to build up a collection of our funny quit smoking stories - cats weeing and dogs farting. we could keep them in emergency reserve and pull them out when someone's having a bad day.

I suppose living a healthier longer life is a fair trade off for living a smellier life.

thanks guys for cheering me up - ps Sian - could do with been around your sons jumper at the moment - am going cold turkey now after 17 days patches so getting high off the smell would make the time go easier and faster.

Amy x x


My nose (well my sense of smell) is soooo much sharper since I quit. I could smell a bonfire in my house a few weeks ago.. argued with my daughter/ hubby that i could definetly smell it, and they said i was imagining it. Low and behold went out into the back garden and someone on the allotment which is 2 streets away was having a fire :p 1-0 to me


Its my clothes, for the first couple of weeks, I would pick a clean top out of the wardrobe, put it on then take it off and put it straight in the wash because of the smell, smoke and sweat - yuk.

I soon got wise to this and now smell my clothes when I take them out of the wardrobe.

I now think I need a new washing machine


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