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10d 22h 34m ...whats going on

So its my second week now that ive stopped smoking. Ive been on this forum most days since ive stopped, re-educating myself with the myriad of information available from peoples signatures, some helpful, some inspiring, some factual, it all helps to stop.

Anyway, these last two days ive felt like absolute crap. The first three days were painful as expected but managed to go through them without dying. I don't intend to smoke again, but is it common to feel this bad so soon after stopping? Will it get better? What will happen tomorrow?

I couldn't get to sleep last night and was awake till 5am, luckily i work for myself so work wasn't that much of an issue, but when i did wake up the usual passion that i have for the day was gone, no motivation, no wanting to go out and get things done, no desire to basically survive. What the hell is going on?

I cant afford to let this continue, any help would be appreciated.

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Hi chris,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the quit!

In answer to your question i would definately say yes it is normal to feel like this!

Some people will have different days to you and other the same day ( i.e day3 or day 10) But we all go through it.... its all part of the giving up process.

Yes it will get better, i am on week 3 and 2 day quit and i find it is getting easier, although i know i will be having bad days again, but as i know they will be comming, i am kinda ready for them ( if you know what i mean? )

Cant comment on how you feel tomorrow, they is no saying on how anyone will be feeling the next day im afraid :(

As for the no motivation.... welcome to the club, this is most definately in the air this week.. you, me and lots of others are feeling this way.. maybe something to do with the weather?

I would say .. try and stay positive, positive energy brings positive thoughts and positive thoughts always makes us feel better!

Try reading through peoples posts that have quit for a while now, many have their own ways which help them over come problems that have occured during their quit, these may help you out a little.

Take one day at a time too or even an hour at a time, dont try to run before you can walk.

dont be afraid to post either!! Post on here when ever you can, so many people on here can help you out.

Good luck and stay strong, you CAN do this :D

Snowie xx


You are gonna have days when you feel really rubbish and you are gonna have days when you feel on top of the world. The same could be said if you were still smoking!!!

It does get better and it does get easier. I won't lie to you and say it's a breeze. I still get bad days and I am 4 weeks in, but there are less of them now.

You need to stay strong and just take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

You have smoked for years, you won't get over it over night. It will take time to learn new habits and find new ways of dealing with stress and problems.

One thing for sure is the cravings will go whether you smoke or not. Without smoking they will get less and less over time. If you smoke you are gonna get one an hour for the rest of your smoking life.

Stay strong and don't give up quitting!!



wow those were quick replies, thanks for the suggestions and help, and i know it isnt easy but with the type of work i do stress is always there, its nice to relieve it someway, and to be honest smoking probably hid the underlying problem, ie depression, but i'll just see how it goes tomorrow

i know this will sound weird but lots of sources have said that smoking ages the way you look, yet a lot of people for many years have said i look younger than i am. whats the deal with that?

and is going grey (hair colour) common for younger smokers, just noticed a few strands..crap lol

just in a really weird mood right now, been handed a website by my business partner as he thinks i need that kind of responsibility to 'wake me up', and see that im not taking enough responsibility in what i do

two options, flight or fight, quit and say cba, too much pressure, or grab the challenge and fly with it, i took on the responsibility to make a success out of it, as i know i can do it, just like stopping smoking

also, anyone see the derren brown thing hero at 30,000 feet, kinda inspired me, has anyone else seen it?

really dont know whats going on with me right now, brain is being all funny


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time...

Your brain feeling funny is brain fog btw, I can't really remember the first 2 weeks of my quit because of it! I remember being at work and just every little task (ike making myself a cup of tea) was difficult and I messed it up in some way!

I does go away, you just need to ask people to be patient with you and let them know about your situation. I found as soon as I hit that '1 month' day I was perfectly fine... I don't know if it was because of the massive motivation of having 1 month under my belt or just the way my body works.

As for you looking young, imagine how much YOUNGER you'd look right now if you hadn't had smoked all of those years! I know some seriously sporty fit people who play squash, cycle and run ridiculous amounts... but they smoke! They could be the best athletes around if they would quit, but I guess being above average rather than extraordinary is good enough for them... It's a choice really.

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here. Point is - 10 days is amazing! well done and just think about your acomplishment and pat yourself on the back... what you've done is more than most smokers manage to do - you're fighting against your addiction and you're winning so far!


Hi Chris, Me and you are on the same quit date...yeah I've had some tough days this week but I haven't cracked and I'm pleased with myself. I'm Cold Turkey too...I read Allen Carrs book - Easyway to stop smoking....its changed me mentally and I know I'm never going to smoke nicotine again, cos its the biggest con going....

wow those were quick replies, thanks for the suggestions and help, and i know it isnt easy but with the type of work i do stress is always there, its nice to relieve it someway,

Only because you're addicted to nicotine! Some non-smokers have extremely stressful jobs too and they don't need to smoke so neither do you.

We can do this! :D


I haven't smoked for 1 week, 4 days and 10 hours, so that's 171.28 cigarettes I haven't smoked, saving myself £25.69 .

I am a proud member of the OCTOBER 2010 QUIT GROUP:

amywestwood43, Antgreen, batwoman, Captain Crunch, crystal, Embo, Garry, Gary.Murday, george_hazah, itsinthegenes, jack1664, KarenM, Kimmie, freeatlast2010, Leanne, Levs, michellebise67, Mmac, Nuttynursee, qlrken, snow33, tell2010, tia


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