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What is going on?

Hi all, I am now , happily on month 1 and 3 days to date. I am now CT. Stopped using patches on Monday and now nearly 2 days since nicotine has been ingested. So far so good. Only problem is, I am going off my head. Last night i felt my legs were all tingly. Dont know what that was. Today, just feel deranged in general. Riding the storm. Bf has just asked me if I want to sing while he plays guitar. No , actually I want to murder you!! Must keep control of this situation. Maybe I will get patches tomorrow. I am really not sure if it is the fags or just me in a funny mood. It is so hot here and it is getting to everyone. But I love it, being Scottish. Better than the rain.

Anyway, sorry to moan. I am having an out of body moment or two. It's as if I can't handle the heat, so I have just scarpered out the kitchen. I am having a laugh watching myself crack up-but that is fine. My bf has the smokes. But not one puff ever for me. Don't care how mad it sends me. I will not smoke today. Will just go and sing instead. My voice is in good nick after abstaining from the fags.

thanks all, having an emotional day.


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Hi Rachel

If you can, stay away form the patches and ride out what your going through. Your almost at the stage when all nicotine is out of the system and going back on them now seems a backwards step, possibly, imo.

Your know having got a good quit in before, the changes our bodies go through particularly the first couple or so months. Extra oxygen causing all sorts or weired and wonderful feelings, sleep pattern affected...... if you can keep a grip, albeit a tenuous one on your emotions, cracks from cracking up can be sealed over in the next few days, then you'll be feeling like your really in control, not just of going CT, but your quit.

You've kept a good reign on this quit so far, keep moving forward and believing.

I nearly commited murder just because my OH dared to open the oven door to check on dinner! The times I walked behind folk planning untold murder and mayhem. It passed, luckily :)

Singing and music ............ a great mood enhancer.

Pol :)


Well done stick it out it's so worth it. Just remember to read some of the great signitures on here if it gets really hard at any point. It really helped me.

Don't worry about the crazy feeling either, giving up nicotine especially ct is a massive thing to do/addiction to be without so keep going it won't last forever.

Keep posting.


Hi Rach,

You are doing amazing, I for one am very proud of you :) Ride with the CT if you can, I did after 6 days and I was like a flipping mad woman for a while but slowly and surely you regain your old self!

'Going off my head' and 'deranged' are definitely familiar territory to me and I would whole heartedly recommend singing along to the guitar, I am a big singer (mostly enjoyed by the tone deaf) and the louder the better, although I've lost my croak since quitting (shame)!! Please try and alleviate the murderous intentions as they can lead to pressure to smoke! :cool:

Unlike you I hate heat and love winter, snow, rain, cold, yes mad I am but heat makes me tetchy and irritable! When you are tetchy and irritable you feel like smoking, good job I live in England!

If you can carry on without the use of NRT you are fighting the battle head on and you will probably experiece the highest of highs but the lowest of lows, it's all achievable though, bet your boyfriend is proper stinky, I would make him brush his teeth, swirl mouthwash and suck a mint before even thinking of a kiss :D


Agree on that last bit Shelly.



Hmmmm yea just couldn't go near a fag mouth now it would be so gross! It's bad enough I'm still trying to be an 'accepting' ex smoker rather than an 'evil' ex smoker, but when the family come over and spark up in my face or inside before they step outside, in my head i'm like 'get out tramps grrrrrr'!! :)


I know it is frustrating isn't it. Luckily for me i tend to be a bit more outspoken these days but in the kindest way possible. In other words i make myself clear and give them the option rather than say summit i shouldn't. As for kissing a smoker, tricky isn't it but in all honestly is really is gross.


Hmmm still a bit of a soft touch I am, thought I might be getting more confident but seem to have reverted back to old self and so when my mum blows her smoke in my face I'm just politely smiling hoping she'll go away, or throwing the butts in my beautiful garden borders!

It really is a filthy habit though isnt it? Sorry Rach not trying to hijack the thread just offloading the moans, all done now, dont smoke it's just not cool anymore :p


Well what can I say have just come from the pub and everyone smoking as you come in and out and they all stunk so would not want to kiss any of them, so going to bed I hope you all have a good smoke free night and sleep like babies, take care and stay smoke free xx


Thought you were up rather late, awww thanks for that, we will sleep lovely without all that crappiness inside! hope you are nice and merry and sleep like a log yourself! night xx



I had the same sort of thing when I tried to quit patches and gum at the same time - I felt really weird and like spaced out for about two days. I have to say I went back on the gum for a while.

I think mine was the fact that I tried to quit all nicotine in one go and it was too soon.

You have only been using patches for a month...and the chemist told me that you really need to complete the full course (of about 12 weeks) for it to work. But having said that this is only what she may not be true for everyone. Maybe you need to be on the patches a little bit longer??

I have since quit the gum (about a week now) and I've completed 4 months. I think everyone is different in their quit and not everything suits everyone...we all cope differently.

Hope this helps




Sorry, looks like most people have suggested you stay away from the patches....

I don't really know the answer - as I said everyone is different.

I personally just felt it was better for me to go back on the gum rather than risk lighting up a may have taken me a bit longer than some people, but hey, I'm still quit!!


Thanks a lot

Hi all, thanks for your support in my moment of need. I have survived another few hours. Just walked by a packet of camel lights (lovely acqua colour) belonging to the bf. Can't believe how strong I am getting, but fully aware, one millisecond of weakness and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

Thanks Niki, I actually agree that I have come off the patches too early, and was going to get some today. But due to the heat, they just dont stick without loads of tape and sticky stuff. Also was going swimming today so didnt bother. Back from the pool. Now have the friday night fear. Friday night is traditionally go crazy night. I already feel crazy so where do I go???

I will go out later and drink a couple but I wont smoke. This is amazing even to contemplate and feel confident about it. I , unlike many of you further down the line, still miss smoking and even a smoky breath kiss does not repel me (tho it is not pleasant, just as a smoker, i dont mind). I would never dream of asking him to brush his teeth or anything. I am already a pain in the neck at times as it is!! So , that is no problem, though the leaving of fags everywhere is a bit much. But I feel a small victory has been won every time I dont give in. So it is a good obstacle course he is providing me with. Keeps me on my toes. I can't possibly be complacent such is my failure rate.

But this time, I am succeeding thanks to you all. Nearly all the nicotine has gone from my body so I think i will continue with cold turkey. I will give it my best shot. All the mantras spinning around my mind. Just keep going and don't look down!!

Thanks all. Keep the faith!!



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