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i keep on waking up at four in the morning. there's no reason for it other than the usual work stress but that never used to bother me as a smoker. i do feel much better as a non-smoker and there's no way on earth i'm giving up on this quit (repeat NO WAY!!) but this lack of sleep needs sorting out. it could be much worse, i do get about five hours a night, i know some people would be more than happy with that, but as a smoker eight hours sleep was my minimum lol.

i miss sleeping!! :eek::):D lol i guess that is what this rant is all about - anyone else feeling like this.... gonna go count sheep....

one.... two....

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Few things are more frustrating than insomnia...

Recently my bf's parents bought these products online to help with snoring issues (she has to wear earpluggs all the time!)... the products are these two pots which you leave open in your room either all day or just while you're sleeping. They're like a very concentrated Lavander scent and something else and I swear it completely knocks people out even walking in that room!

you could try something like this maybe?


ok just watch me get addicted to lavender now! it does sound worth a try if it continues, i really hope it doesn't!

insomnia leaves me kind of feeling like i need to rest all day but can't, which is good in a way 'cos it's difficult to find a place to lie down at work, people just come looking for you :) humans should have on/off switches :rolleyes:



I am in the same situation as you. I can get to sleep eventually but i wake almost hourly and then it takes me ages to get back off. I used to sleep like a baby and would go to bed at about 10pm and wake at about 6am in need of my nico hit but now im finding it very hard to stay asleep and get a restful night now.

I was thinking of trying some of the Calms tablets to see if they can help make us less agitated in the hope that a good nights sleep might come about or the other thing would be a relaxing bath or hot milky drink before bedtime.

Fingers crossed we will get past this soon and be able to get what we would now consider a good nights rest. I also feel quite drained during the day too and i still have that stuff still on my chest and in my throat, these are still the worst things for me from stopping smoking, oh well hopefully they will ease off soon. :(



hi jo, yes baths and showers are about the most relaxing things i found earlier in my quit. i'm still taking about two showers a day (feels a bit strange for me as i was never a water lover before!) but they've lost the magical 'relax factor'.

you've hit the nail on the head with 'restful night' - it doesn't matter how much i sleep, if it's not restful it's not helping. i get semi-restful sleep, so i suppose i have semi-insomnia, gonna go google that now :) wishing you a restful night... when tinks gets back she can wave the old magic wand and send us all to sleep :)


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