Insomnia, a vicious circle

It's past 2.30am and my blackberry says less than 4 hours until my alarm goes off. I swear that soon I'll be able to fit a pair of very big things into the bags under my eyes. This is happening about once every three or four days right now, so will take a tip from Capitan on the day 3 board and cut out caffeine tomorrow. Today! Could I be overdoing it as my brain is nicotine-free?

It may be a vicious circle - lack of sleep needs early morning caffeine stimulant, maintained with a regular shot through the day... Equals no sleep... Lets see what happens tomorrow. I mean tonight. Damn, I feel like a guinea pig in a science experiment!


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  • I have the same problem. Sleep fine for 3 nights or so, then either do not get to sleep, or sleep a few hours then wide awake. Can't remember many sleepless nights when I was smoking- but then I gave them to everyone else as I coughed or snored my way through the night!

  • Hello Hawkeye,

    Its good to meet you. I had such problems with sleep that I got to the point that I couldn't understand how I kept going! I thought that surely a person needed more sleep than I was getting :(

    I struggled for about 4-6 weeks but I am now really pleased to report that, at last, it seems to be improving!! I've now gone 5 nights on the trot with more than 5 hours sleep! Last night was 7 hours so I'm hoping it is back to normal now. Woohooo :D

    I know just what you feel like, but keep telling yourself that its a small price to pay to be FREE! Hang in there, it will get better, I promise!!

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you tonight chuck.

    Molly x

  • Lack of sleep is just the worst, it will turn the sanest of men (and women) into gibbering wrecks. Cutting down on the caffeine I'm sure will help, but just remember your body is going through quite a few adjustments right now and it might take a little while.

    Molly so glad that you are getting some more sleep now, was worried about you there for a while

    Stay strong peeps xxx

  • Hiya Karen,

    Yes I was getting to the point where I couldn't see how it was ever going to get better but of course it does. I guess we just have to be patient sometimes. I can't believe how much better I feel now! :)

    Molly x

  • Hawkeye

    I too had insomnia and when i evenually got to sleep I had very busy dreams / restless nights due to patches!

    Like Mols says, things do get better sleep wise, promise, just give it time.

    Fi x

  • I've given up worrying about it now, but I am lucky that I don't have to go to work. I just get up and have a hot drink or sommat, read a bit more, have a gawp at the lovely garden things on Pinterest and go back to bed at about 5 am or so.

  • Becky, that actually sounds pretty cool!

    I just stare at the ceiling, I can't even read which has got me through every single other "tough" time in my life!

    I'm just pleased it seems to be sorting itself out now x

  • Interesting post.....I am curious as I am 8 days in and am sleeping as normal but when does insomnia I just a ticking ticking time bomb for counting sheep....

  • Interesting post.....I am curious as I am 8 days in and am sleeping as normal but when does insomnia I just a ticking ticking time bomb for counting sheep....


    Relating to sleep, we're all different, some of us have insomnia and some are sleeping incessantly, I know which I'd rather have as not getting slept is a nightmare:mad:

    If you're sleeping OK, that's good, be glad, very glad and I so hope that continues for you.

    Fi x

  • Guys guess worked! This morning got up and went through the usual routine but with decaf. Kissed mrs H and the little H's goodbye, went to work, a day of meetings, home on time too for a change. Kids football, spellings, cooked (hobby) food, stories and bedtimes, glass of wine, now 11pm and ready for bed. I'm knackered.

    Hold on a mo, isn't that called normality?

    Looking forward to not smoking again tomorrow, I just worked out this is week six. Molly good to meet you too, and Ramasus - Nutmeg is right, we're all different. I was fine for three weeks before the lack of sleep kicked in but it looks like that's temporary, fingers crossed. And that's what makes us interesting and unique, good luck!

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