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No Smoking Day
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Day 25 and back to insomnia

Good morning/ night. I have been awake since 2 am, HELP lol, I need sleep. I haven't had much trouble with sleep on this quit until now, why now. I would understand it at the beginning but not into day 25, can anyone shed any light :confused:

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Good Morning Shojam on day 54/55 (stopped counting) and still insomnia. I don't think I've I had a full nights sleep since stopping with the aid of N.R.T. sometime towards the end of January. I'm currently using a 15mg patch/16hour patch and have one day at that dosage to go before dropping down to the 10mg. I wonder if things will improve with the reduced dosage. I've not long to go before I find out !!!

Apart from the sleeplessness I've managed to handle the other withdrawals not to bad.

How about yourself ?


Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 Glasgow sent at 04:50 ouch


In hindsight, it hasn't been too bad at all. Although when you are in days 1,2 and 3, it feels like hell:(. It's nice to go a good few hours without thinking about smoking. I just don't cope very well with lack of sleep, someone may get injured today :eek:. Have a good day and good luck with reducing your nrt patches


the sleep thing should improve in time try not to worry too much and dont clock watch that just makes it worse and you end up getting fustrated even more

if your waking up really early and cant go back to sleep try getting up and having a warm drink of milk and using some relaxation breathing techniques then trying again

if your not able to go to sleep at night then again try a warm milk a nice soothing bath and some relaxation breathing techniques

you could also try some herbal sleeping tablets like calms

hope your day goes well :)


I still have sleep issues at day 147...it's pants really. The insomnia was usually the main reason I failed on a quit. It's a form of torture really but I'm so pigheaded and come so far on this quit for it to be the reason I fail this time round. In fact, there is no failing this time round. I have found my sleeping is slightly better lately though so hopefullly it will continue to improve wtih time.

Sorry I can't give muchos advice as still have the problem to a certain extent myself. On some nights I have no sleep at all in 48 hours. Calms never really does it for me but I have some success using "Peaceful Night" from Holland and Barrett. You have to go to bed when you feel tired though as staying awake beyond that time leads to me being awake all night long. I've also switched to using decaf tea and don't drink cafdeine after 6pm at night.

Anyways, sorry if I haven't been to much help but sometimes it helps just to know you're not on your own.

Lisa xxx


Morning, just a thought but maybe it's nothing to do with your quit?

I used to go through phases of lying awake .. sometimes for hours. The only way I could get back to sleep was to get up and have a drink and cig. (a sook of a nico tab would do the job now) Then, sometimes after weeks or months, for no apparent reason the pattern would change as mysteriously as it arrived.

They say we don't actually need sleep .. only rest and in some way this helps us not get worked up which makes it worse. Deep breathing definitely helps.

Speaking of broken sleep, my bedroom was like a circus last night what with the cat meaowing and treading on my bladder off and on then the pup jumped on the bed to see what was going on followed closely by the older dog who just came to say hello with her wet nose.


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