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I normally work from home, but I am in the office today.

On my drive in, I slowed down to let a chap cross the road, and I saw that he had an truely awful tattoo - ON HIS FACE!! I thought "why the F%$£ would he do that"?

So now when I crave a smoke, I just think back to the ugly, retarded scribblings on that chaps cheeks and forehead, and apply the same view to smoking - Why the F%$£ would I do that?

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Morning Ant, and what a great way to look at quitting, you ask the question why would he and then ask yourself the same question, why do we continue to do something that is so harmful not just to us but to our families as well.

So now you have a reason not to smoke and that’s half the battle to staying smoke free, keeping the reason in your head all the time and even when you are well down the quit road is not so easy, what Winston Churchill said "lest we forget" was so true.

You still have to keep reminding yourself day after day and possibly year after year what the reasons are and sometimes as hard as we try we still tend to forget but that’s why we have this fantastic forum to keep coming back to, I know that even 10 + Months down the line I still need the support that is so readily available every day on here and I try to also give those struggling support as well as this helps me to stay focussed.

I hope that your quit is never tested and that you can find all the help you need on here.


Whatever works for you, do it. For me in the begining it was a bit of positive affirmation (really not my thing, bit psycho babble for me, but it actually worked)Now I just think 'what do I actually get from smoking?' It costs loads, it taste bad and its gonna kill me. What is it that I actually get from it? NOTHING thats what.

You're doing fantastic, keep strong!!



Hi Sian, well done on reaching this stage it is fantastic and something I hope you are very proud of.

We all have our little ways of dealing, I spent the first 6 months of my quit saying to myself "i will not smoke today" I never got much further than promising myself not to smoke for the next 24 hours, it appears I have done over 14 months by not smoking for 24 hours!

Keep up the good work.


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