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Feeling a bit crap


I feel a bit crap today...just want to moan about it really. I'm not going to smoke but have thought about it more than ever today. Had a late night last night and have felt tired all day at work then got back and kids getting on my nerves a bit...then felt guilty for snapping at them a bit.

Been pretty good up till now - anyone else feel pee'd off 2nd week?

Prob just need an early night :o

I haven't smoked for 1 week, 1 day and 21 hours, so that's 133.60 cigarettes I haven't smoked, saving myself £13.36 .

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Keep up the good work George, we've not quit that long yet, so it will get worse before it gets better.

I'm sure a late night didn't help - I know that when I smoked, I'd be chaining away the day after a short nights sleep. Look after yourself, and you'll be back in the fight and high-spirits very soon.

I've made a note of future milestones, and the days I'll hit them; it looks a bit like this, and it helps me, as I want to be able to hit each one.

Last cigarette

1 week no smoking

10 days no smoking

2 weeks no smoking

3 weeks no smoking

1 month no smoking

750 fags not smoked

2 months no smoking

End of lozenges

3 months no smoking

100 days no smoking

£500 saved!!

4 months no smoking

150 days no smoking

5 months no smoking

£750 saved!!

6 months no smoking

You have your own reasons - family, for instance. Before your early night, make a little list of milestones you want to hit, make some of them achievable in the next few days. I hope it will help you when you get up tomorrow.

Best of luck & stick in there!

Cheers Ant, yeah that milestone list looks good...I'll definitely do one of my own. Yeah, the first week seemed so easy compared to what I imagined it was going to be like and I think all of a sudden the reality of the challenge is dawning on me...

However, I'm not "quitting quitting" oh no, just feeling sorry for my sorry ass, haha.

Thanks for the quick reply though, mate and all the best for the 2nd week!

I haven't smoked for 1 week, 1 day and 22 hours, so that's 134.27 cigarettes I haven't smoked, saving myself £13.42 .

sorry george am a zombie today lol

EditReport Today 09:07 PMgeorge_hazah

Hi Amy

You sent me a really nice post and I was replying to it then my laptop ran out of power - when I logged back in your reply had vanished...

so don't know what happened there but thanks for replying so quick...I shall try taking my mind off the cravings as you suggested - don't know about knitting...but never tried it, hey I may love it! but chocolate sounds good!! How are you doing, u sound positive...I think you're about a week earlier than me on the quit front...do u have a quit method, patches etc?

George x

Today 09:25 PMamywestwood43

hiya george - am having one of those days - Tried to edit message to include something that happened when i snapped at my niece but accidentally deleted ENTIRE message. No focus today at all - if i keep this up i'm not sure i'm gonna be on my bosses xmas card list lol Never mind!!! my eyes dont seem to work properly - cant concentrate at all.

Have quit using patches and not finding it too difficult at the moment - am coming of patches so the nicotine withdrawal will start soon but am feeling pretty confident that i can fight it - the habit of actually smoking a cig is broken its just evil nicodemon that messes up your brain.

like i tried to write earlier dont feel too guilty bout snapping at the kids - i snapped at my niece last week but felt so guilty for rest few days that i took money normally spent on cigs and bought her lovely present - also sat her down and explained that auntie amy was trying to stop been 'DIRTY' (our codeword for smoking) she seemed to understand (i hope so) Kids are resilient and have short memories (thankfully) dont worry.

Let me know how it goes. youre doing great

youre stronger than a little white stick lol x

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Had a late night last night and have felt tired all day at work then got back and kids getting on my nerves a bit...then felt guilty for snapping at them a bit.

I know your kids would be happy for you to snap at them for a while whilst you quit smoking. Whats the other option, watching you die a slow and painful death a bit later on, cause you didn't want to stop smoking so you didn't shout at them. You kids love you, they want to have you around for as long as possible. By stopping smoking you are making that time longer. For that extra time they will put up with being shouted at a bit now.

Stay strong George, you can do this!!!!


I too have had a difficult 2nd week off 'the snouts'

I really think that my moods and how I deal with the upcoming day is linked to the amount of sleep I get

I was on Champix, but those made me abit weird, so have resorted to CT - 10 days in :)

feel ok today, but have had a few 'moments' shall we say

reading the comments on here really take my mind off wanting a ciggie and help me through out the day


Cheers all!

Thanks everyone for your kind words of support! I feel better today, although didn't get that early a night in the end, but never been any good at going to bed early.

Cheers, Amy, for getting back...I know you can stay "clean" as opposed to 'dirty' lol

Thanks Sian, what you said is a good way of looking at being a bit bad tempered at this stage, which is going to happen a bit, let's face it, but I guess the bad moods will ease.

Thanks Kirkn...Sorry to hear you've been having 'moments' too. Yeah Cold Turkey is gonna be hard at first but our physical nicotine dependency should cease fairly quickly I reckon, in fact physically after 2 weeks its gone I think. Good luck for the week and future everyone - thank goodness I found this place, its so good to know that people are out there ready to support you at the drop of a hat! It kind of restores faith in humanity at the same time as getting you over smoking, brill!!!!


Glad to see you're better :)

I think second week is pretty nasty :(

thanks notme

...never smokefree as an adult - yeah me too that is scary:eek:

I haven't smoked for 1 week, 4 days and 10 hours, so that's 172.12 cigarettes I haven't smoked, saving myself £25.81 .

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