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Awaiting Tests

Hi Guys

Well i have been and seen the Nurse today and my levels are now 2 but that is not why i wanted to see the nurse. You see for the past 4-5 weeks so before i stopped smoking i have had like a feeling something is stuck in my throat and i alway feel like i have really smelly breath, so i have been to see her and she assures me that my breath does not smell and that the feeling like i have something stuck needs to be investigated so tomorrow i have an appt with the GP then i have to go for an x ray to see what is going on. My tongue also feels like it is like slimy if you like but she checked that and thats all normal.

My OH has smelt my breath and said nope i dont smell yet my mouth constantly feels like it tastes of metal or something else which is not nice, well not nice to me and i want it sorting out. Like i have said i have had it weeks and i just want to feel normal. I have something stuck which i cant clear and i cant cough it up as it does nothing. I also dont want to eat because nothing tastes right anymore and the taste is doing my head in :(

I will keep ya informed on how things go. TTFN

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You have been worried about your throat for a while now haven't you. Glad they are looking at it for you. Hopefully they will get some answers for you when you have your x-ray.

S xx


I hope your appointment goes well for you tomorrow.


good luck for today, I hope there is a quick fix for you. :-)


Good morning everyone

Thank you for your kind words, i will let you all know later how i get on. My appt is 9.05 so quite an early one today. All being well they will book me in Tomorrow PM for the x-ray as i cant go today and our local Health Centre dont do much up there so cant get them to do it and as for the main hospital that will do the x ray's that needs a 2nd person to drop you off otherwise you can never find a parking space.

Just changing the subject here a little but i dont know about where u guys live but the weather is really awful again today. It was so windy last night that i actually had to shut my bedroom window and i like to have some air circulate but last night i had to keep it shut, it also kept waking me as we have a loft bedroom and the eaves are open for air to circulate too and so when it gets quite windy i can hear that blowing through too.

Oh well, hopefully the feeling i have will go quite soon and as for the taste i am wondering if that is because of my Underactive Thyroid now. Catch u all later, stay strong and smoke free ;)



Been up now

Hi Guys and Gals

Well been up and seen the Dr now and i am on some anti-biotics because before i stopped smoking i had a cold which went to my sinus's and i ended up with it on my chest too but unlike the times before i did not bother to see a Dr about it and we think its what is left from that cold. Anyhow, im on antibiotics now and fingers crossed it will help to clear whats stuck, i also have to go down on Thursday or Friday for an X-ray and tomorrow afternoon i have a blood test to check my Thyroid levels again as they could be low and need regulating again, i dont know im falling apart at the seams. :(

Anyhow guys and gals apart from that and the POOP weather everything seems to be going along quite nicely.

Todays stats are...........

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 4 hours, 8 minutes and 59 seconds (16 days).

I have saved £69.40 by not smoking 274 cigarettes.

I have saved 22 hours and 50 minutes of my life. :)


That is a relief Jo, you must be feeling a whole lot better.

Good luck with the x-ray at thye end of the week.

Keep us posted.

16 Days hey? whooop whooop


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