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Halloween got me!!!!

Halloween was the first night since I quit I went out and got pissed drunk LOL. It was also the first time I smoked in over 14 months. I don't really feel bad about it and did not pick up the habit again like I thought I would so I'm actually feeling good about it. I smoked 3 in all, the first was pure heaven LOL, but the next 2 just didn't do it for me, tasted yuckie and foul. It was a blip and no big deal. I woke up the next day without the slightest need or want for one which really surprised me. So at any rate the post is just to give those who fall off the wagon a push....... If ya mess up and smoke don't beat yourself up. Get back on and keep workin on it. Its a process and takes time, understanding and hard work.:)

Hey to all me buds!!!!!!:D

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Very brave to come back and tell us, and WELL DONE.

This is my biggest fear, all the nights out on the lead up to Xmas.


Well done you. A blip is a blip, and I have had a couple as you know, to come and post just shows what a great fella you are showing us all that a blip does not mean the end of your quit.

Don't want to see any more blips tho!

Enjoy your new game.


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