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No Smoking Day
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I think I can

sneak in here :) day 23 is in the first month ;)

And today, like RIGHT NOW I so wanna go out and buy a pack, ugh. All alone all day, no responsibilities, great weather, I would not bother anybody by smoking...

So, I do what I always do when apprehensive or nervous, I BAKE :) its too funny. Come to think of it, there has been an awful lot of baking going on lately in this house. Apple cake after apple cake (got lots apples from the farm), nice quiche in the evening.

Made bavarian laugensemmeln (like pretzels but in roll shape).

Now today I will tackle "Kaiser rolls" which is a fluffy light breakfast roll in a particular shape.

Baking isn't just open canister and go for me. I do everything organic and hence grind my own grains to make flour, use only eggs from the neighborhood hens, etc etc ;) which is almost odd in the US where everybody just goes to the store and buy predone crap.

These better come out good! the pretzel rolls were excellent. All rolls freeze well, so you can just pop a few in the oven in the morning for a few minutes and have very fresh rolls!

The only problem is that I have to kill time while the dough is resting etc which is usually a perfect time to work on killing myself with a few smokes....

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LOL, I have been doing the same, baking all the time, team meetings at work are good fun, I bake, they eat, and they can all catch up with my weight gain:D:D Evil I know:D :p


ROFL!!! you're too funny :)

great idea though, I bake and the OTHERS eat.... hmmmmmm

that means I'll have to bake something that I don';t fancy, hah, I could use store bought white flour, no way in the world I'll touch that LOL


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