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day 24 and balloning

I am still here day 24 and getting fatter by the hour.

I am putting on weight does anyone have any tips other than water I would like to have of a selection of non fatting stuff to nibble at.

I still feel it is touch and go with me I'am sure someone out trhere relates to wanting an excuse to smoke but not quite believing it .

Wish I felt on top of the world but don't.One thing that has got better I had to use sprays for astmer and now only a little.


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yup, went up a pant size just this week ;) and I didn't even THINK I was eating more.

In my case I think its just cause I have so much LESS stress without smoking that I am just more relaxed. I no longer have to hide it.

I'd say, just be more active, since you don't really want to restrict eating as well!


Hi Terri

Sorry to hear that overcoming one addiction has brought on another worry in the form of the eating more.

I cant relate to that im affraid as i have never been a big eater and so the only thing i have done differently to before apart from stopping smoking is the knitting but then i dont think that will help everybody. I dont know what to suggest, i know my OH when he quit nearly 5 years ago started to put on the weight but i dont know if this is any consolation but he never ate anymore than before and when he had the urge at the beginning he ate apple or carrot pieces that was the healthier alternative. He is a lorry driver too so seems to have that extra belly but i would not say that a lot of his extra weight has been due to giving up.

Stick with it though, there must be something else that can help you overcome the feeling of wanting to eat more as a substitute to the past. How about extra walks or the gym, will that be an option to help you. Oh Terri, i do hope that someone comes along that has been in the same position as you are in now and can offer better advice. As i say i cant as i never ate much before and have not changed that habit even now.

Good luck x


Hi Tell,

I am the same, I have put on 9 lbs in 4 weeks, my jaws are sore from eating:eek:

But thats another battle for another day, if it helps me stop the fags then its worth it.

(will you remind me when I am trying to buy a big black dress next month!!) :o


i'm not even going to weigh myself. I know I am putting on weight as my clothes are getting tight. I will worry about it in a couple of weeks. I want to be happy in my quit that stopping eating the junk won't jepordise it.

I could start smoking again and I would loose the weight. But then I would stop smoking again and be right back here, never ending circle. I'd rather just put on a few pounds and stay quit. I can always loose weight later!!!

Don't smoke cos you have put on a bit of weight. If you have the willpower to stop smoking then you will have the willpower to loose the weight when you are ready. If we can beat smoking we can beat anything!!!!

Sian x


testing if my new sig will show up :)

also weighed myself

10 pounds in 3 weeks



Well done Notme on finally understanding how to do your signature, hopefully my instructions helped you ;)

Anyhow, Tell, dont go worrying about those few extra pounds at the moment, deal with one thing at a time. Main thing is your more healthy than you were and those few extra inches can be dealt with at a later date, for now just concentrate on one thing at a time and dont let the other get to you.

Good luck x


oh shucks, I never saw your reply on that :(

Having a bit of a hard time finding threads again that I replied to or asked a question, but thanks so much anyway!! Yes I FINALLY found out to click on User CP and then had the option for a sig. Before I just clicked on my nick and got to some private stuff but no sig option.

Like I've never used a forum before, duh LOL

VERY HARD TIME today concentrating and not getting smokes, phew....


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