No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Morning All

Well here is the start of another day and now for me its day 13 and wont be long before i join the week3 lads & ladettes.

Still cant believe it as at times its gone quite quickly. I may look like im always on line but i tend to keep myself logged in for ease of use but usually the computer is in hibernate so im not on here much now TBH but i will be around and will post too.

Enjoy your smoke free days and guys keep it up dont let the nicodemon lure ya back. Todays stats are............................

Quit for 1 Week, 6 Days, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 31 seconds (13 days).

Money saved £52.14 by not smoking 222 cigarettes.

I have saved 22 hours and 12 minutes of my life.


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