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Happy thoughts!

Hi All,

Just thought would post a quick update. Everything is going well. Do not think I have even had a craving since Saturday! Having said that I have been busy with interviews, sick child and figuring out what I want from life etc etc (having a deep thinking week - maybe because not going **** it will have a fag!).

Little one in bed now, no more spots, so hoping not chicken pox but a paranoid nurse and he just has a few zits through his cold! Going to relax for an hour or so, then go read a nice book.

Hope everyone having a lovely evening


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Hi Hun, you are sounding very positive, lovely to hear. I agree when you're busy you forget all about the cravings. Keep it up hun, you are doing really well x


It's all in the genes.:p

We started on the same day and we are still together.

Well done us!!


Well attempting to tidy toys today and it is going very slowly! I am living with my parents since I left the USA, and we are slowly taking over the house and I feel terrible. Hopefully can get debts paid and actually try and get somewhere of my own if I can get a job! Cannot get housing as I live with my parents, and they would have to kick us out for us to qualify and then we would end up in a B&B till somewhere was found and none of us want that!

Well hopefully by this evening my parents will have their dining room back! Luckily they have a large house!


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