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No Smoking Day
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Day 9

Time:Day 9, 1 Hour, 37 minutes.

Feeling: Tired/Bored

Method:Cold turkey

So basically I quit on September 26, It could have been a month by now but i failed and gave in on my birthday(10/16) the Next day(10/17) I quit, so here i am on day 9 again...I know i can do this. Today I have had trouble breathing. I realize the cravings attack you when you are weak. (In a bad mood, or if you are hungry) The cravings murder me when im hungry. I have gained a little bit weight during this month. I feel more healthy though. Well let me know if anyone has the same symptoms. Thanks for reading.


CT Since October 17, 2010.

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Good Morning Ken, well done on not only quitting smoking but also big congrats on doing it CT, I also went that way so I know you are probably feeling a little proud of yourself and well you should, the body takes a considerable time to come to terms with the fact that you are denying it a drug that it has come to rely on, give it time though and it will get used to it I promise.

I found sipping iced water really helped and also I was told by the Nurse in our surgery that when you quit smoking you also tend to cut back on drinks i.e. Tea Coffee as these are triggers so you can tend to get a bit dehydrated, I think she was right because i upped the water and then started to feel better, also eat more fruit as this can help as well, bananas are great for putting back the potassium and magnesium which we need to help keep the spirits up, again well done and keep posting so others coming up behind you can see how well you are doing, it is well do able as you now know


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