No Smoking Day
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20/10/2010 This is the day for me

Hey all

New to the forum and after reading some of the stories its looking hopefull :D

Tomorrow is the day for me I can just feel it!

I have only been smoking for a year but I do not want to carry on... Being a 19 year old makes it harder as all my friends smoke.. :(

Any advice will be brilliant :D

Can't wait to get this started

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Good luck for tomorrow, you can do it. ive just moved house so im away from most of my friends which smoked, that made it a bit easier for me, i had been smoking for about 12 years and had tried to give up soooooo many times, but just didnt have the will power. Im now on day 4 smoke free, with the help of champix, and def going to stick at it this time lol.

i think ive been on this forum for most of the 4 days just reading everyone elses experiences, its helped so much. Anyway good luck again, come back and let us know how you get on, i dont think id have got this far without this forum. :D

Rachel X


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