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No Smoking Day
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Just quit

Hello everyone and nice to meet you all.

I have quit several times in the past and suffered constantly because I believed I was 'giving something up'. I have just quit again (literally!), I'm tired of centralising my life around smoking and I'm determined to quit and for the last time. I'm tired of doing day 1 every few months :(

This forum seems to be great :) I will be hanging out here a lot I'm sure over the next while. I'm going cold turkey but have also downloaded a hypnosis program, I don't know whether it works or not as I have tried to listen to it 3 times and keep falling asleep lol.

I chose the username 'idontsmoke' because that's to be my mantra to myself when the cravings come...and I know they will.

Again, nice to meet you all and looking forward to chatting on here


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hi maggie, welcome to the forum, as you've seen it is full of great advice for every stage of your quit, and i've found it really useful to post here at times of weakness (mondays usually!) and get support right back when i need it most!

yes you are giving something up, but that is also a drug which is harming you a little bit more each day! i'm just at the end of week two and now i can see beyond that feeling of losing something and realise that the good things i am getting will anyway outweigh any loss - hope that made some kind of sense!anyway, all the best with your quit,



Hello :)

It made perfect sense, thank you for the reply and congrats on your quit, 2 weeks is fantastic!


good :) and thanks :D from what i've read cold turkey is a good method for a lot of people, just three bad days then you start to feel better, and i've used that with a smoking patch (NRT) for the first couple of days. i still carry an NRT patch around with me just in case i have a really bad day! i have to carry a small pair of scissors with me too cos they come in child proof packets - can you imagine needing that NRT so bad and not being able to open the packet!! 5mol<er


That happened to me this weekend 5mol<er!

Well done on deciding to quit Maggie, I find this forum very useful and I'm sure coming back to it will be a great support.

I still feel like I've lost something (on day 10 now) but the pride and benefits are slowly starting to kick in... you just have to look out for them and that's whats going to keep you motivated :)


hello i am also new to this forum, i have being having a browse round and there are some lovely ppl on here who are so supportive, ive still not sussed how to post my very own thread yet but i am sure someone out there will help me lol!!! i have done three days CT then caved in miserably - i am sooo upset and angry with myself but i am going to get straight back on my quit. just need a lil help and support. my husband is also giving up tmrow so it'l prob be divorce in this house by monday lol. anyway any words of courage and support will be much appreciated thanks so much, donna


hi donna, a warm welcome to the forum, congratulations for dusting yourself off and getting back on with your quit, that's just the fighting spirit that you need! remember the first three days are the toughest, so really you've been through the worst once already. my favourite mantra is 'i wont smoke today' which helps me remember that i just need to take it one day at a time.

to start your very own thread (which is good fun!) look for the 'new thread' button at the top left of each forum page.



thanx so much for ur reply, was beginning to think i was all alone lol!!! its so hard aint it, ive bought lozzies today im not a massively heavy smoker so i got the ones for under 20 a day, fingers crossed they do the trick!! what is ur major prob wiv givin up, mine (very vainly) is weight gain, i lost 2 stone after having my 4th baby in 2006 and i am sooo reluctant to gain weight - just dont know what to do to combat this, which is what has made me fail this time and so many others in the past - i just cannie stop eating looooll x


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