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I think its going to be one of those days

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Well after wlaking my daughter to school and coming home to find that someone has covered my car in what i can assume is some kind of yoghurt i nearly gave in. Dont get it why? Really cant get rid of this horrible craving think i need to calm myself down somehow but after having to scrub my car cos it is parked in the sun so all dried on i am really not impressed. Thought i would come here to distract myself from that walk to the shop

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How annoying! What a bad start to the day... I'm starting to get the feeling that sometimes the universe consipires against us at difficult times!

Well done for not giving in, just think - what would a non-smoker do? Have a cup of tea, read a magazine or surf funny videos online to get their minds off that annoying chore they've just had to do.

WELL DONE for not giving in! and well done and thank you for sharing it with the forum :) remember you are doing so well, put this thing behind you and don't let it get to you - deal with it if you have to when you are stronger.

well now on 2nd load of washing ironing done, 2 cups of tea and a sausage sandwich later and am still really annoyed. Only half hour till take my little one to school so going to go visit my sister for half hour i think to completely distract myself and hopefully find a car wash along the way because my car cleaning skills are not exactly great my car looks worse than before i started :)

SLB you got me thinking now what would a non smoker do when under stress i have no idea pretty much everyone i know is a smoker and the only non smoker is my other half and he doesnt get stressed he is the clamest person anyone could ever meet.

That's good that you've got a busy day ahead of you then!

I get that you still didn't feel better after all that laundry, tea and food... I guess its because you/we would have smoked throughout (or after) all of those activities so they don't seem like much of a distraction!

You're right though... I've been trying to think about what non-smokers do and I just have no clue! They seem like such strong people to me at the moment... the amount of tough situations I've gone through cigarette in hand and they've been through the same without one!

definatley with you on that one everything i did involved a cigarette before especially stressed out situations. I have spent the last week avoiding my garden as anything out there i would have done with a cigarette in tow.

And no nothing i have done today has distracted me at all hence still floating around my computer trying to convince myself that i really dont want a cigarette

You DON'T want a cigarette... there's no need to convince yourself! You've made your choice and it was to quit smoking, don't back track now!

HAve you tried nicotene gum? it really helps me because the faster you chew the more nicotene you get in your system. After a while, when you get too much you literally feel sick and there is no way you would want a cigarette.

It's worth a try!

might have to try it you never know it might help. Going to take my youngest to school then go and see my sister for a bit before home to pack for wknd away quite looking forward to escaping my normal routine for a few days

Hope the distractions worked.

I'm going away for the weekend too! Actually going to the UK for a wedding with my boyfriend's family. Luckily, I've never told them I even smoked (even though I've been told by mutual friends that they know for sure!) so even sneaking out is out of the question (although I'm feeling much better now and wouldn't even consider it at this point!).

Another good thing about that is that in Luxembourg there isn't a smoking ban in bars, restaurants and clubs so a weekend in the UK where I'm not constantly surrounded by all this smoking will be great :)

Hope where you're going helps you through the weekend!

We can do it :)

ok so here's a thought. We know you don't want a smoke.... So what do you want? Don't let the universe dictate how your days going to go. If yo want ice cream get ice cream, new shoes go shopping, a bath, a jog? Whatever you want give it to yourself. Why? Because today you decided to log online and complain instead of smoking!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!! Be proud! and congradulate yourself!!!! and remember the next time the universe spits on you tell it to get out of your way!!!!!!!!!!!

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