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Last and final quit!!

Hello all, I have decided to quit once and for all, I quit some time ago for 7 months, I unfortunately started again anyway last time I quit I got so much support from this forum, there are some really motivational and helpful people on here (I tried to do my bit too!). Last time I was CT this time I'm opting for the inhalator, smoked my last cigarette today and I have now quit, for good! Good luck to everyone else who has quit today and well done to all those that are in the process of quitting! Is there anyone on here that was in the Monkey Barstewards quitting team from approx 18 months ago?!!

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Hi givingupforgood

good luck on your quit ..your now into it. Your first full day tomorrow

nice to meet you :)


Go for it

It's the only way to get the joy of life back...

I have been up and down for the last few years. But that's it for me... Allan Carr (easyway to stop smoking & Onlyway to stop smoking) has got me on track and I'm just going to re-read his books as they make me feel so good. I'm 2 weeks in CT without anything but positive feelings. I can't wipe the smile off my face :)

This is my first day back on this forum for months. It's a good place to be.

See you on day 2


I feel so sad and scared that you reached 9 months and started again,I also had a quit that lasted 11 months nearly 20 years ago and smoked after my Hubby of the time did the dirty on me, how I wish I hadnt smoked again.

Makes you realise that no matter how long you have been quit you can always be temted to start again :eek: teaches me that you are never safe from the nicodemons so well done you for getting back to the quit and making it like me your last one.


Hi, as a former fallen member of the team monkeys, I welcome you. Good that you're giving it another go, it will be different this time, you know the pitfalls and the dangers and will hopefully be better prepared.

It's scary isn't it that 7, 9, 12 months of even a few years down the line we can get hooked again so quickly. The not one puff ever rule is SO important and one that must be adhered to at all times.

Good luck with this quit, the support here is tremendous so use it to it's full potential.

Keep in touch,

Lorraine :)


Hi everyone,

Thankyou for your replies, I know I was so disappointed in myself when I started again, I'd completely mastered it mostly, it was when I'd had a glass of wine I thought I could be a social smoker, anyway I found my last thread on here from 12 months ago where I was battling with the nicodemon, my solution to it was to use the inhalator instead of the odd cigarette, really really was the worst idea ever as my mind just recognised nicotine and grasped onto it like it was never going to let go, it's quite scary how powerful the addiction actually is, anyway that was it for 12 months.... I'm now 2 days into the quit but I'm using the inhalator in a positive way, it definitely seems.... easier is the wrong word so I'll use gentler than going CT, although I know it's different for everyone, I'm feeling good and positive although I remember day 3 from my last quit as tricky, let's see tomorrow, passing positive vibes to you all, keep strong and imagine life as a non-smoker!



Hello givingupforgood,

Good on you! I myself have had numerous attempts to quit... and failed them all miserable! I have just put out my last cigarette and about to stick a patch on! :)

I feel positive about this now that I have found this forum and all you lovely people!

Keep well and don't give in!


Hey Synergy,

Good decision! Congrats on deciding to quit, hope it's going ok, keep posting on this forum, it'll help you lots, and keep reading, knowledge is power! :)


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