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My Final Quit

Yes, it's me again folks.

I am squirming a bit as I type this as I have posted on Day 1 threads so many times you must be so sick of me. Actually, I am not squirming a bit but a LOT :rolleyes:

A short while ago my depression led to a mini breakdown and I have been working hard to climb back up the ladder. What I have come to realise or remember actually is the sense of pride & achievement felt when you have done something no matter how small it may be. Each task builds on that & it is good to feel that inside instead of nothingness.

I need to feel that sense of achievement & pride in that I CAN stop smoking & I CAN STAY QUIT. I have cut down drastically over the last couple of weeks to maybe 4 or 5 a day. I had my last ciggie at 10.25 this morning. So in 10 mins I can feel proud I have not smoked for a whole hour and on & on!

I have downloaded Allan Carrs Easyway to read as I have not read it before so hope it will inspire me also. I need to cram my head with something new as for me, reading stuff I have visited before does not have the same impact so here goes.

3 days CT & mental realignment as someone said to me. 3 days is nothing out of our lives really is it so here goes folks :D


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Hi Gaynor,

i am glad that you have bought Allen Carr's book, i quit after reading his Easyway book and have found the whole idea of the book (basically positive thinking and learning to HATE nicotine instead of missing it) a brilliant aid in my quit.


Hi Claire,

I am a great believer in positive thinking & changing the way you think about situations to make them better, bearable etc.,

My OH is out for most of the day, there is nothing that NEEDS to be done today so a bit of mental realignment is on the cards I think :D

G x


Yay Go Gaynor!!!!!!!!!!! stick it out, you can do it & yeh 3 days of wierdness thats all. :cool: 3 DAYS THATS ALL. keep posting and let us know how you feel. xx


Hi Gaynor, you sound really up for it and that is fantastic. You know all the rules, you know all the tricks, you know how nasty and underhand that nico monster can be. I hope you also know that we are all here to help and support.

You can do this, sending you some PMA to get you on your way and I look forward to reading your posts on your final quit.


Gaynor, you can do this! The fact you keep returning marks you a fighter and your determination will see you through all this. I wish I could give you some magic words but I guess we all have to fight our own fight and learn what we need to learn along the way.

You'll have moments I suppose when you can't think of anything but smoke, maybe you'll cry, maybe you'll get mad but always know that all that WILL pass. You've done the tough part many times..... when you push through them again and you get to the point where the quit becomes easy, STAY THERE because not only will the quit continue to be easy but get to be enjoyable.

Keep posting for encouragement, we all want to see you get to the Penthouse and beyond!


Thanks very much Bev, Bella & FA for your words of support.

I need to keep strong, focused & above all NOT give in. I know I can be so very strong & when I have slipped before it has been in the click of a finger. No lead up, or not much anyway most times. I could deal with that as I could rationalise it. It always gets me in a moment of extreme weakness, tiredness, fedupwithlifeness. That's what I have to learn to deal with.

Am going to focus on reading tomorrow & look forward to those 3 days getting the nicotine out of my system. Lets face it, 3 days of shi*eness in a lifetime is nothing ;)

Gaynor x


Hi Gaynor

Good to see you back :) No matter what day, week or month your posting, your back on the quit and that's the best thing you can keep on keeping on with.

Blues really can grind all best intentions and the spirit down but your back and fighting, good on you :cool:

Wishing you all the best Gaynor.

I look forward to reading about your progress and about you rediscovering your pride and sense of achievement in being the one who decides on the duration of this quit.

Pol :)


You CAN do it, chick.



Go Gaynor

You can do it. Head down and keep going it does get easier.



hi gayner ,i m new to this and new to stopping smoking, started my champix on 9 th sept after frightening myself silly reading some of the forums deceided i would give it a crack i had no nausea, no headache , no sleep loss, or bad dreams or cramps so was beginging to wonder if it was working !!! then on sept 17th it kicked in stopped smoking at 4 .35 pm have not had one since !!!! my only problem is lack of sleep awake two or three times a night and very vivid dreams not very pleasant!!so i was thinking of reducing my night dose or maybe not taking it at all what do you or any one else think ? i am 54 years old and have smoked for 30 plus years my grandson living with us now and no way is he seeing his grandma smoking !!! i am determined to do this i cannot afford to smoke , it killed both my parents, and it was killing me not any more !! hope some one can help both you and me crowbag x


Thank you Pol, Mah & Skippy for your messages & support. It's so good to know that I still have support here even after all my attempts to do this :rolleyes: It really is appreciated.

Well done Crowbag on your decision to quit & welcome to the forum. I have never taken Champix so cannot advise on that but others will have so I am sure they will answer you. As for the dreams, I think most of us get those & from previous experience they do lessen & dissapear. Just one of those things we have to put up with on the quitting journey. My worst ones where the ones where I had smoked. I would wake in the morning thinking I had & for a split second be devestated! So good when you realise it was just a dream.

At the end of the day you have so many good reasons for doing this a few disturbed nights slepp are a small price to pay ;) Good luck & keep us updated.

Gaynor xx


You can do it Gaynor!!!

You have given so many people such wonderful advice - you definitely have it in you to quit... I think this time you'll find your quit!!

Big hugs.



You can do this Gaynor and you will do this, I know you will... one day at a time hun :)


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