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No Smoking Day
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EllieKez A whole year!

:DSo I understand that about right now somebody is giving you the keys to the Penthouse, fantastic, amazing, wonderful.

I am sure there will be loads of people ready to wish you congrats, I am very pleased to be the first and know full well I will not be the last.

You are a wonderful lady with a wonderful family and you deserve all that is to follow.

From me to you


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Ellie, :cool:

Warmest of warmest congrats to you for a year quit :D

Have a terrific day full of smiles and all round loveliness with your family.

Keep up with your solid quit, now beginning it's second year ;)

All the best to you

Pol xx


Ellie, so wonderful to see you earning your PENTHOUSE status! Big huge Congrats on your one year milestone! Nicely done!! :)



What can i say, you hun have been the most brilliant quitter on here an example for everyone on how to get on with supporting and quitting in one go, You are the person i have looked upto most here and if anybody deserved a smoke free year it was you ...so well done darling so proud and grateful to you ................... thanks for all the support help and advise you have given me since our first day ....take care Superwoman xxxxx


Hi Ellie

Huge congratualtions on 1 year....superbly well done Ellie.

You have been solid and suppotive to all of us. A very classy quit lady..

Hugs Lorna xx


Congratulation Ellie on your 1 year, you must feel good :) Have a lovely day & buy something nice to celebrate

A little something for you..to start with:D *sorry I ate the rest:o



Great big Well Done, you deserve a very nice celebration present.



Hey Ellie!

well done - I am so glad that you me and bradders have all run over the finishing line hand in hand. All the very best for a wonderful smoke free future!

Big love,



Great to see you in here Ellie

Well done Ellie, how're you enjoying the view from the penthouse? Was all worth it wasn't it?



WOW it was sooo worth it:D....thanks so much guys....I feel so glad to be in the Penthouse......I know I will never smoke again:D...I am celebrating my quit by going overseas in the next month for 6 weeks.....which I am soooo looking forward to and I am planning another holiday in 2 years.....all funded by my quit LOL Ya gotta love that LOL I havn't been using the forum much ....I think its time I sorta dropped in from time to time to say hello....Thankyou all for your kind words and the help I received from you all......Take care............I never think about smoking anymore:eek:

Thankyou all!!


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