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Elliekez - 10 months - simply fantastic!!!

Well, i've waited all day for you to post elliekez, can't wait no longer, and in Australian time its already tomorrow. :)

ELLIEKEZ free and breathing good air now for 10 months, a whopping 304 days, and a whole lifetime of good living ahead!!

Well done !!! Always glad to see your still going strong, what a trooper!!!!!

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Been sat up many a night with this lady sunbathing as we chatted wondering what time i would get some kip ...well done Ellie so proud of you as always hun xx:)


10 Months and a Day quit, This pom says well done Ellie.


awesome elliekez.


Hi ellie

10 months is wicked must feel brilliant & so you should do not even half that yet...seems so ages away.....WELL DONE YOU xx:)


Thanks months to the penthouse:eek:who would have thought........I dont even think about ciggies at all now its amazing....well I do when I see people snuggled up outside pubs smoking ......but I feel sorry for them and glad I dont smoke OH is trying to give up again:rolleyes: and is doing ok so far.....ME....I am great....counting my money as I am going for a holiday for my 12 months anniversary:eek:....GIVING UP is the best thing I have ever done for myself.....Once again thanks to everyone on this forum as I wouldnt have done it without your friendship and help.....Lots of Love..XXXXXXX


Well done Ellie

So very proud, well done and glad you don't think about "them" things anymore *grins*


Well done Ellie , 10 months is a fantastic achievement and before you know it you will be checking in at the penthouse .

Best Wishes


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28/04/09:cool:

3 months patches

10 months C.T


Well done Ellie, wishing you many more smoke-free months.



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