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EllieKez 7 Months Done And Dusted


7 Months Gone Ellie you are a complete star my quit buddy so proud of you. Penthouse is now in sight :)

You are


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:eek:WOW....dont I look good:D....Thanks Bradders:D.....My eyes are firmly planted on the penthouse;)

Rarrrrrrrrrrr congratulations on your 7th month completed... definitely on the home straight now !! :D:):D

Time is flying now at this point for us !!

Well done Ellie, it appears I am exactly 1 month behind you!

Hope you are really proud and looking forward to the next few months on your way to the hot tub.

Hi Ellie :D

7 months smoke free is fantastic well done


Marg xx

Fantastic acheivement. I look forward to doing as well as you.

Congratulations Elliekez

Well done on reaching 7 months Ellie .....its downhill all the way to the penthouse now :D

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th april 09



Well done Ellie, great to see you succeeding, enjoy your day.


Well done Ellie

I am catching you up.....

hugs xx

woo hoo - another month done and dusted. Good work girl! :)

Congrats, Ellie! Very proud of you as well. No doubt I'll see you in the Penthouse in a few months so you hurry on up, okay Aussie girl xxxx bella

I would like to thank you all for your lovely wishes .....it is unreal to have come this far and know its for keeps:eek:......I was in town today and a chap asked me:eek:for a light.....hehehehehe.....and guess what I said.....sorry I don't smoke....what a bloody buzz That was:D

Go Ellie Go Ellie, onwards and upwards, you will reach the penthouse

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