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Day 15 - CT The Next Chapter

Good Morning folks

Week 3 is here. Who would have thought I could get this far eh! And so can/have you if you are sneak peaking/just joining the Week 3 club :D

I am now CT no product support and I am intrigued to see how my mood plays out over the next week. If you read my other posts you'll see it's been a bit of an eventful ride, emotionally demanding, but successful, 'cause I am still here alive, healthier, quit, no relapses, telling my story! Here to share my experience and inspire.

My progress has been very moody and a bit dramatical (makes mental note, has anything really changed about me then? lol) so I plan to re-focus on my Positive Effects List, since quitting the smokey joes. I will be happy,...I will be happy,...I will be happy,...coming soon ;)

Be strong, stay quit.


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Well done for getting this far! Sorry to hear your having a bad time. hope you start to feel better soon.;)


Hey Andrew,

You can do it CT mate!!! We have hit the 3 week mark!! Huge pat on the back for us and everyone else on their journey. I have faith in us we can do this quit!

Hope you get the support you need at home too, and feel better emotionally after getting off the Champix. They work great for some people but not for others, just like anything else.

Keep thinking about how healthy you must be starting to feel. I love the fact i can wake up now and the first thing i do is put the kettle on, not cough my guts up.

Keep at it my friend, i am proud!


Well done you - getting to your 3rd week is so good. It was a major milestone for me, it was when I realised I stood a good chance of staying off the things this time - and I've now done 9 months. Trust me, it does get easier - some ups and downs, but overall, easier as time passes.

Stay strong and keep posting


Keep going Andrew you've really battled through so far, can't imagine being challenged every day by others smoke the way you've been.

It does get easier, just protect your quit, keep it alive and read all you can to educate yourself on how nicotine addiction and the "nicodemon" can be sneaky and surprising, all quitters have their own particular little tale, their own war stories. Also helps to encourage others, the early days are the hardest and people coming up behind you are struggling to get where you are. Keep going you're doing really well.



Hi andrew

day 15 is brilliant mate, keep on posting. I look forward to reading the next chapter..I am sure it will be a little calmer then the first...good luck:)


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