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nearly in 3rd month!

I have to say it's going quite well, can't say I have craving's as such, just moments when I really fancy one, or feel I would really enjoy it, but they soon pass.

Put some weight on mind, which at first upset me, but strangely enough It has helped, its forced me to get fit, joined a gym and also watching what I eat.

It's become my new addiction!

Have to say I'm still not ready to hit certain situations yet. Had a party at the weekend, loads of smokers. Didn't drink due to little ones, but think this was my saving grace. Did feel a bit low mind, like I was missing out on a good time!

But glad I can still say I no longer smoke.


Stopped 10 June 2010 CT

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Congrats on your quit. Keep it up! :)


Thanks James, I guess were going through similar things, we gave up about the same time.

Is Thailand pro or Anti smoking?


Sorry i missed your reply when you posted it. Thailand is anti smoking like many countries now, although they don't have complete smoking bans and will allow air conditioned smoking rooms. Most bars and restaurants don't have smoking rooms though and people stand outside. There are a lot of outdoor places though because of the climate and generally folks are allowed to smoke there. Shops are not allowed to display any cigarette packets, they all have to be out of sight, nasty pictures of sick people with smoking related illnesses are printed on the packs too. So yes anti smoking. The main problem is that Thailand sells cigarettes too cheap. More people can afford them and the cost if them is not much of an incentive to make people give up. The price has increased some over the last few years but the most expensive brand is still only 1 pound a pack.

Anyway, enough of that. In few more hours it will be Aug 7th for me (I'm in Singapore) so i think that i'll be changing rooms and moving into month 3!!


Hi Kez what you say about it being a fleeting thought more than a crave is how I felt still do some days but on the hole its getting better, I think 3 months is a brilliant milestone and one of the best to reach, after this you will really start to feel better emotionally and physically so stay strong and focused, one quarter of a year nearly done x


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