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No Smoking Day
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Icky threes in 3rd month

I'm on Day 71. I've had a really bad week at work. My job is pants at the moment (bad atmosphere - tensions among senior staff). These last few days I've had the worst cravings I've had in a long time.

I had cut down on the number of nicotine gum I was using each day before things started getting bad. I'm thinking I may have to start using more until I get through this bad patch.

It's annoying because I so want to get off the NRT all together!!!!

Just venting really. It's either that or go score some tobacco and ring up work and tell them where to stick their job. :eek:

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Tobacco scoring won't help, though telling them to stuff the job may! Sorry you are having such a rubbish time. It could be a terrible threes thing. Check out terrible threes at woofmang in my link below. It could be a trigger. First lot of stress at work since a quit would create a big trigger. Try and work through it in whichever way suits you best. Don't stress re nrt. Sort it when you feel ready. That will only put further pressure on you. Once you work through this trigger you'll find its easier and milder the next time. Good luck and well done for posting and not smoking x


Fiona I have a little outside observation and will share it. It seams that work is the problem and not the smoking and I'm not telling you to run out and quit your job today but I certainly thing you should be activly searching for a new job. Maybe easier said than done in this economy but it is possible. I bet you weren't happy at work before you quit and just didn't notice. I am at 50 something days and will say this...... If someone or something causes me so much stress that I feel the need to poison myself with chemicals I will do away with the problem instead. It is amazing how my perspective has changed but that is just how it is going to be. Don't put poison into your body because of someone elses disrespect or stupitiy.


Thanks for the replies Fiona and Sparky.

Much as I'd love at times to quit my job it's not really an option at the moment. I'm bringing up my 15 year old son on my own and we need the money.

I have hopes that the current situation at work will resolve itself quite soon but even if it doesn't I'll just have to learn to cope with the stress.

I lost a quit at about this stage earlier this year. It just seems that after a couple of months smoke-free I go through a stage when it gets harder for a while.

I love the benefits of not smoking - not having to waste my money on tobacco and not feeling short of breath etc.

I CAN and WILL make it this time, a day at a time!



Glad your resolve is firm!

You will go through stages but stick with it. I quite often go back to the tales from the quit to reaffirm my quit, even 19 months on. And posting help to others helps in that respect too. The trick to keeping off them is to keep to mind why you quit in the first place!

As an ex single mother I get where you are coming from, keep at it!!

Fi x


Don't quit!

I am just ahead of you quitting on the 28th June - and I totally understand the terrible 3's syndrome! So far, my worst time was just after my third week... the best advice I received back when I was feeling similar to how you are now, is not to quit my job or change my life too drastically. Thankfully, I followed this advice!

Things do begin to settle down a bit more each day.. although, I know the feeling of one step forward two steps back... c'est la vie... and we just got to keep fighting this nicodemon! as you said.. just one day at a time!

Let me tell you .. last night I went around to a friends house, and out of 5 of us - 3 of them were chain smoking.. doors closed.. windows closed... it was HORRIBLE... to be honest, I wasn't that bothered by it at the time.. I wasn't wishing I had a cigarette or anyhing.. it was when I got home and all I could smell was that musty old stale gross after smell of smoking cigarettes in a closed space for hours.... I also woke up in the morning coughing and feeling like I'd smoked a pack to myself... if you're really feeling like you need one.. just take a whif of it when someone is smoking close by you on the street, and you'll probably enjoy it or hate it.. but, either way.. it should hopefully remind you why you don't want it!!!!

Don't be so hard on yourself!



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