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How can i quit!

iv had really bad dizziness for the last year and just found out on friday iv got asthma so i think it would be a good idea to stop smoking.i was going to quit today but i had dreams all night long of me needing a ciggerette and when i woke up i was so desperate.i dont wana quit with tablets or patches etc,as im allready having to take pills etc.What should i do!?!?!?!?

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Um Um Um

Hi Sunzz,

We on this site will give you every bit of encouragement and help once "you" make the decission to stop. You will never stop smoking until you and you alone decide to stop, so once your committed and decide to stop let us all know but in the mean time read the many posts on this site that will help you to make the untimate decission hopfull to quit.


Quit:18th December 2009 after 35 years smoking

How: CT (Cold Turkey)



well iv gota quit without a doubt,i want to becuase of the dizziness and health risks,but i must admit i love smoking.that probley sounds stupid but i its harder to quit


Well you are in the right place. Read on here as much as you can, the signitures will give you very helpful advice and arm you in prep for quitting. Post on here often, the supprt of this forum is a very good tool and before you know it you'll be helping others too. :)



I thoght my asthma had gone untillast week when i had an asthma clinic. Nurse told me i really need to stop smoking as i my lungs can't handle it.

Big enough incentive.

Just try using NRT or tablets that your doc can recommend can be used along side whatever you are taking now.

Im using champix (2nd day) so am still smoking but have to chose a quit day in second week.

Give it a go, if its not for you try summit else


Dannyboy said it all - YOU have to want to quit. Feeling you must quit, or should quit isn't enough. You have to want to not smoke anymore.

When you make the decision, go see your doctor who'll advise whether NRT or Champix or something else is suitable for you. I suspect that you're nearly ready or you wouldn't be asking on here. It's a big step - but it's so worth it.

In the meantime - read the posts on this site - they'll help you so much.


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