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first day

i am 32 and have been smoking since i was 16, on average 20 plus a day,

i have never been able to quit before and to be honest never wanted too.

i have decided to stop today, after 1 hour i wanted a cigarette and i have bought 4mg gum instead and have to say it has worked so far, the only problem is smoking is a social thing, whilst playing golf, in a club (smoking area) also having 10 minutes break from the desk at work. any other ideas welcome please?

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I tired all the NRT things, but as soon as i stopped using them I smoked again.

am using champix for the 2nd time, managed 4 months last time and im determined to beat that this time.

I recommend trying champix, im similar age to you too and my doc said im still young and that my lungs WILL recover eventually and I WILL LIVE longer too. BONUS


Half your life Smoking

Hi ,

Well done you for making the most important and smartest decission in your life, to stop smoking,and you have found the best quit site with loads of people who will support and advise you, so as you are at the start of your quit journey read the many posts to help you through the early stages and post regularly.


Quit: 18th December 2009 after 35 years smoking


Age: 55



I would start viewing smoking as a deadly thing rather than a social thing. That helped me!


3 days

going well, the gum 4mg is really good having about 4-6 a day of these, takes away the need for a cigarette.

going out tonight for the first time for a few beers so this should be a test, but to be really honest i dont miss it, the coughing in the mornings waiting for the first cigarette to finish.

i cleared all my cigarette buts up last night from a pot in the garden, all my lighters but i have kept my last cigarette for memories sake in a box and stored it away.

did a wash last night and i can smell the smell on cigarette on mty clothes so my sense of smell must be coming back.



Good luck with your night out. Hope you don't find it too difficult :)


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