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Reaffirming my quit

I have been quit 10 weeks and have, until yesterday, found things relatively easy because I was so determined. However, got some worrying news yesterday, and since then have really wanted to smoke. I haven't given in at this point, so I thought that listing my reasons here will help to reaffirm my quit. Here goes:

1. I have 5 children, 3 of whom are under 5 years old. They are going to need their mummy around for quite a while yet.

2. Sick of hiding from the children in order to have a smoke.

3. Sick of always planning my days around smoking eg when and where.

4. As an asthmatic, I should have taken far better care of myself.

5. It's too expensive to smoke and I'd rather the money was in my pocket than the tobacco company's.

6. Didn't really like getting cold and wet when I needed to smoke.

7. A death from cancer or emphysema is not the way I wish to go.

8. I hate the way smoking made my clothes and hair smell.

9. My skin deserves a chance to breathe.

10. I never liked feeling like a social outcast.

In the past ten weeks, I've thoroughly enjoyed being a non-smoker. I guess today I forgot that.

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Hang on in there

Hi Skippy

Lovely post - It's good to sit and ponder your reasons especially when you're struggling and life is being a cow - been pondering mine for about 24 hours now myself :(

You are doing brill -10 weeks is a strong quit and having 'just that one' won't change a thing - it'll just make you feel bad for having done it. Stay strong skippy and just keep reading those reasons :)


Hi Skippy, WELL DONE, 10 weeks is wonderful, you have so many good reasons for keeping going, more reasons than there are for starting again. Good luck.


Hi Skippy,

This is a great post with many good reasons to stop smoking, But surly Item 1 is the most important reason for stopping.

Well done and keep posting, we are all here to support.


Hi skippy.

Your reasons are spot on, i could relate to all of them so well done you for taking the time out to sit and ponder, write this out and share it with us. when you share things like that not only does it help me and all the other readers to stay quit but it strengthens you too which is what this forum is all about. So its a win win positive read for everyone.

I read on here so many people say that this forum has been their only tool to quit and it's true. The support on here and the exchange of energy between members goes a long way.

You can do this Skippy, think of your little angels who want to have fun with you, thats what life is all about. You deserve a healthy body especially after all those kiddies. :)


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