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Oi you lot......... where the heck are you!

KitKat started this shout out, but in the General group and we got a grand total of 3 responses. I can't believe there are only 3 of us left out there, so thought I would try posting here instead......

I'm off on holiday on Monday for 2 weeks and by the time I get back I want to see at least 10 different people responding!!

Ok, bossy boots is off now, as I need to eat (there's a surprise!)

Seriously, hope everyone is well, and it would be great to hear from any of the old crowd xx


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yes I am still here bossy beccy boo :D over 5 months into quit now.....its been eventful :D ...have a good hols :) xxx


Yep Still here!!!

Hi Everyone, I'm still here but having some interesting times at work so don't get online as much as I used to. 5 months and 16 days now and life ticks on without fags although I still use the puffer on occasions. Still haven't got my sense of smell back though (and I never had any taste in the first place) so I'm hoping I don't start to go deaf!!


Hi Becky,

I'm still not smoking.

Approaching 6 months tobacco-free.........:D


Count me in

I'm still here - even if I am now at the other side of the world :) Still not smoking and craving less.


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