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9 days

Good morning 9 days and still counting.Not been bad at all, still getting tingles in the hands and legs, i have the bad odd day when i feel a bit down, but i know it's all to be expected.Started to think about getting into some form of exercise, swimming or maybe jogging.I do a lot of walking now and alway have, as anybody else taken up any form of exercise after stopping smoking?Good luck to all with your quit.;)

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Well done Deano keep it up.

The "days quit" time starts going in quicker the longer your quit I find. The slow motion effect fades away :D

Excersise, don't remind me :rolleyes:



Well done Deano, day 9 is great. I am sure those tingling feelings will settle shortly.

Exercise? What is that exactly :eek:



Keep up the good work

Hi Deano,

I found that just walking at least 30 minutes every day and remember to drink plenty of water to detox your body. I also eat atleast two apples and two bananas every day to stop any depression building up. You are doing great Deano keep upthe good work and I will be watching your progress as you head for the Penthouse.


Stopped: 18th December 2009 after 35 years smoking

How: CT



Morning Deano, Well done and here you are on Day 10, as for that bad word (Exercise) not sure like Gaynor whether I want to go that road, glad you are doing so well and the tingles will ease off soon and I like you had them for a while and theyb went off, all good though as its the oxygen increase round your body.

Have fun and keep up the Exercise thing you doing good.


hi deano

day 10 well done, how good is that...Like gaynor & jamangie , I too am not the best adviser in the world on exercise :o Im sure someone will, lots of exercisey people on this forum. :D

And good luck also :)


Just had a thought Deano there is a great exercise thread on here some where that was great for anyone interested in exercise, well sort of Im sure KK remembers it well as we were the most prolific users LOL


As always cheers guys;) not feeling to bad today just been walking for an hour.Still keeping away from the drink want one! but will wait at least another week. Runny nose not as you want to know that lol.i will look for that thread on exercise thanks jamangie.:)


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