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No Smoking Day
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Congratulations Jase!!

1 year for you, Jase! Big well done to you and welcome to the PENTHOUSE!

Your idea of the Penthouse leaves a lot to be desired of course! Since today is your day, I thought you might prefer my version!

The staff of the 'real' Penthouse welcomes you......


Life at the Penthouse is GREAT! Enjoy the famous Penthouse hot tub......


Food and drink are always aplenty....


and after much partying, settle down, and enjoy......


This has been an eventful year, not always easy, but you did it and you can be so very proud! Hope you have a great day with plenty of pads on your back! Well done, Jase!

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WTF...!! Jase, got here at last....good man, sir :)

Bit o' a late party with da girls...ehm, staff. Somefolk hoggin' the chuggie...tut!


S'riouslee, welcome to da Penthouse. Been a journey...with Duvels too :)

Excellent to see you in the Penthouse; make yourself comfortable and enjoy the finest of days :cool:


Congrats Jase

Enjoy yourself here in the penthouse, it is a nice place to be - I'm glad you've made it and never be tempted again. Is the rioja for breakfast or are you holding off for a more suitable moment?

Enjoy the hot tub, will pop by later with some nibbles and a bottle of something sparkling, red wine doesn't seem to work as well.

Job well done Jase, and just keep going.



Congratulations Jase on a YEAR free of smoking :cool:

Enjoy your day with smiles and your bottle, kept by just for today.

To continued smokefreedom.............. which you'll do just fine;)

Pol xx


WELL DONE! Enjoy the penthouse you deserve it, you helped so many, including myself, I hope you have a fantastic day and would love it if you could come back, I for one miss you.


Jase, CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 YEAR OF FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! Keep going strong! Jody


Hi Jase :D

Many i618.photobucket.com/albums... and welcome to the Penthouse hun


Marg xx


Hi Everyone :D

Jase has asked me to pass on his thanks to you all for the Congratulations which he really appreciates

He wishes you all the best

Marg xx


Congratulations a well deserved day for you, I hope you treat yourself to something nice, miss you.



You've got there at last Jase, your turn to take the plaudits now. Well deserved too. David


Sorry Jase for my late arrival to your big day, well done 12 months, One year, 365 Days,8760 Hours, 525600 mins, Oh what the heck you made the penthouse thats all that matters, Massive Congratulations xxxxx


Congratulations on your 12 months Jase.:)


jase, would you please make a special mcomeback for the occasion so we can congratulate you in style???


jase, would you please make a special mcomeback for the occasion so we can congratulate you in style???

Hello Jude

Good to see you back!

Was chattin to Jase earlier, he seemed uninclined to come back, can't really blame him. Sometimes it's just easier to leave.

I'm sure we all wish him well with his quit though, especially as he was such a strong and friendly supporter of so many.

Here here for Jase and well done mate.



Well done Jase !.

Congratulations on achieving a whole year of staying smoke free , an absolutely sterling quit and I hope that you enjoy your well earned penthouse status.:cool:

Thanx for all the support that you have given me over the last year 12 months........ much appreciated.:)

Best wishes for a healthy and happy year 2.




Sorry for the lateness - but I gotta say I am so pleased to see this. Like others on here you gave me incredible support - even when things weren't going too brilliantly in your own quit. Pehaps by chatting I helped you also - I would certainly like to think I may have.

Anyway - this is just brillianrt and a big CONGRATULATIONS!!

You may be sneaking a peak at the forum sometimes - if so I hope you see this mesage - and the others from those on here that you've helped.

I'll be joining you in 2 months!!!



I'm late too, didn't see the point in posting what with you not being here n all but here i am and a massive well done to you, you've been an amazing support to peeps on here so thank you. :)


Congratulations Jase you deserve your 1 year :)

No idea whats gone on i haven't been on here for months until the past day or two.

I hope this forum is doing what it is supposed to be doing and supporting everyones quits.

500 plus days smoke free for me.


Well done Jase, hope even if you're not coming back that you'll at least be reading some posts. Really chuffed you got the one year. You deserved it.

500 days is awesome Michael!


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