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Congratulations Toucan

I'm so glad to see you reached the penthouse. Like me you have had a hard struggle. Luckily I was able to get myself out of my depression months ago and I hope I never go there again. Once is enough. I'm expecting my son home from Argentina in the next couple of months. He'll only be here for a couple of weeks and then he's off to Vietnam. Wonder who he gets the travel bug from?

No the sun isn't shining as is usual in Glasgow. I find it hard that I haven't been able to make friends here especially when there are so many old people around here. I have lots of friends in NZ. I meet lots of grannies when I pick the kids up from school. I tried to get babysitting jobs and even got a criminal disclosure. I did get the offer of a few hours work a week but it would have meant spending hours on the bus for a couple of hours work. It was just visiting old ladies who can't get out. I didn't buy a car here because I have a bus pass and driving here isn't the pleasure it is in America.

I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the penthouse. I'm sure I'll make it after all.


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Thank you Una. As I say, I haven't actually moved in to the penthouse yet till I've kicked the nicotine altogether. But it's doing the job, so hey ho. Doesn't help that my partner smokes I suppose, but I don't begrudge him. He smokes far less now and is subtle with it.

It is hard to join in at our age. I don't have any close friends, and yet I can't walk down High Street without seeing loads of acquaintances. I must have served most of the people in the town in my 20 years behind rugby club bars. I do miss the company and the giggles.

My partner works 8-2 so he is my rock. We're still the best of friends after 30 years so I'm very blessed. I also have 3 & 4 year old grandaughters to keep up with.

Depression is not good. It's far more common than we think. We just get so used to putting on a mask, even when we're in a bad place. Then when it's really bad we hide at the back of the cave and watch glimpses of life pass us by. I perk up in the summer. I lap up all the sun I can. Still missing my creative gene at the moment, but it will come back I'm sure.

Enjoy your time with your son. We have done a good job if they grow up independent and confident, so well done you. I am going to visit younger son and wife in London later this month.

Well off to bake brownies as the cake tin is empty, then to the garden.



Of course you can go into the penthouse. You gave up smoking and the nicotine in the ecig doesn't count. Did you try the zero nicotine cartridges? They didn't taste any different to me. I think it was the hand thing more than anything.


Can't do the zero ones. It's definitely the nicotine for me.

I am at the moment a total addict, therefore I would feel a fraud going into the phouse.

Having said that, who knows what other addictions are going on in there!

On the good side, I have been able to shift nearly a stone of the 21lbs I put on when I gave up. That was getting me down. I refused to buy bigger clothes and it was getting a squeeze.

The brownies are for dearly beloved. I have just exercised extreme self-control whilst breaking up a 200gm bar of chocolate.

One vice at a time.


Thank you kind sir. I will never smoke tobacco again. That's the main thing.

I love a good quiz. Stave off alheizmers and all that.

We Quit quiz in the morning and the dry acerbic wit of Richard Osmond on Pointless in the afternoon. Little things.


Toucan, there's nicotine in all sorts of things. So you'd have a hard time giving it up entirely.

I like a quiz too and haven't played because I don't do sport or entertainment


Huge well done Toucan, I hope you're dead proud of yourself :)


As I say, I haven't actually moved in to the penthouse yet till I've kicked the nicotine altogether. But it's doing the job, so hey ho.

You have most certainly reached the penthouse! Congratulations to you.

If you look at the attached link you will see that even common veggies contain nicotine so unless you don't eat any of them, you will probably always have some nicotine in you ;) I have no idea how much truth there is in this, but it's good enough for me to keep using NRT and my e cig for now at least!


Nice article Sjt, here's an idea - mediterranean food as NRT especially tomotoes (love 'em). Although the amount of kilos you''d need to eat means we'd end up looking like one :eek:

Well done toucan, great result and congratulations - one year smoke-free is exceptional! :)


Thank you peeps.

Feeling quite positive down in the old West Country today.

Interesting article.

I don't suppose there's any nicotine in chocolate is there?

Just asking.



Congratulations on reaching one year cigarette free Toucan. :)

It's a great achievement to be free of cigarettes - there are chemicals in them other than nicotine so you've done well to rid yourself of them.

Enjoy your visit from your son Una :)



So, so well done my love. A year is just fab, be proud, very proud:)

t must be an amazing feeling, can't wait to be where you are.

Fi x


Wow Toucan. ****** Nora and all that jazz. Is it really a year? Welcome you bloomin' determined top notch quitter you. So very pleased. Don't even dare try sitting outside the door....i'll be dragging you in by your lovely lugs. x


Thank you Fi, thank you Nonico.

Dippy you're nuts and on my wavelength.



Massive congratulations Toucan, a great achievement and you should be well proud :-)


Well done

You have done really well Toucan and as the others have said you get in this Penthouse where you belong! Well done on not smoking cigs for a year!:)


Congrats Toucan!


Thank you folks. I couldn't seem to post yesterday so I hope this gets on.

Have been trying to post congrats to my fellow penthouse entrants, but a note comes up saying my provider has been banned :eek:


I kept having problems getting in here yesterday.


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