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StuartH 8 months quit

Well done Stu, big congrats as you pedal your way into month 9!

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Well done Stuart on 8 months......:D


Well done StuartH:)

One month nearer the crazy little dance;):D


Well done Stuart,

Only 4 more to go...........:D:D



Awwww, thanks guys :D

I'm leaving to work away for a few days in a little while and thought I would pop on for a quick nosy around before I left and found this thread :o

One month nearer the crazy little dance

Yep, I have my choreographer working on it already.... LOL

Only 4 more to go

Yep, to the Penthouse anyway.... got about 50 years to go ;)

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be this far along, I remember joining the forum on day 7 and looking at the 4&5 month room and above thinking that it seemed so far away. It isn't that far after all!

I'm delighted that I don't have to think about it anymore, very rarely does a thought of smoking raise it's head these days and when it does it's so easily dismissed it doesn't even really register.

Most of the credit has to go to this place and it's members for pushing me to educate myself against my demons.... Now that I know my enemy and it's tactics, it's easy to defend against. Without this place it would have been very much more difficult. All I have done is to trust my initial decision to never smoke again - never another puff.

For the 242nd time - Today, I choose not to smoke.


Hi Stuart :D

8 months quit now I really don't have the words to tell you how proud I am of you but have a drink on me

Love Mum xxxxxxxxxx


Congratulations on 8 months Stuart. Fantastic stuff.



Hi Stu,

Well done mate.




well done

congrats 4 months till the penthouse, you must be so proud.


congrats 4 months till the penthouse, you must be so proud.

Thank you to everyone - I really do appreciate all the comments.

Suzy... I'm not sure proud is the right word to be honest, but I am very happy.

I think pride in my acheivement has stopped now, since it's not difficult. It's not a challenge, it's just the way it is.

I hope that makes sense.... I am delighted to be a non smoker, and still determined to never smoke again... but it's so easy that it sometimes takes several seconds to realise that what I am feeling is a trigger urge.

I was at work a few days ago and stopped to chat to a smoker friend, when suddenly I reached into my pocket and it seemed something was missing. I couldn't figure out what I was trying to find, but it wasn't there. It was literally 5 minutes later that I realised that I just had one of those auto-response thingies :D

So, I am past the challenge of stopping now.... the challenge now is continuing to be vigilent and stop myself from ever being silly enough to put another fag in my mouth and lighting it.

PS. you may have noticed that I still have not left for my little business trip.... the hire car company didn't deliver the car on time, so I have to sit around and wait. But never mind, eh?


Stu always knew you would do it. Have a nice trip. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


well done!!! you have been a fab inspiration to me past 6 months! keep up the good work :)


Stuart, congratulations, thats a brilliant achievement. Had been watching your progress over the last few months before I decided to come back to here, you and your Mum have been an inspiration to us all, and certainly a few others have been as well, stay strong. Have a good trip.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Thanks again, everyone.

Back from the South Coast, wasn't a bad trip actually... acheived what we we set out to and managed to spend some of the companies money which is always nice!


well done Stuart:D

it will soon be my 8 month anniversary:D


well done stu,you are keeping the faith and still :D:D:D



Well done Stuart 8 months is brill I cant wait:D



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