No Smoking Day
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I'm here already??

OK, so i think i'm on day 32 but who's counting? I had to check the calendar to get those days because i haven't been keeping track since i came home a few weeks back.

The good news is that i haven't smoked at all. :)

I came close though. On my last day of work i found half a pack of cigarettes in my bag for going home. I very nearly gave in there and then, i'm so glad i didn't. In fact i had a little ritual of ripping them up into the bin, of course i had to find some witnesses for that just in case i tried to scrape out the tobacco afterwards.

The airport was rough. Usually airports for me would be running around trying to find the place i could smoke or running to get that last smoke in. I was there early and had pretty much nothing to do, which was quite a change for me. So anyway i found the bar and also found that it was the smoking area. That was another weird one, my first few beers without any cigarettes and i had the pleasure of watching all the smokers while i was drinking! The bar was just an excuse for the smoking area really, just to make some money off all those people running to choke themselves getting that last smoke in.

Next i'm on the plane. We are on the runway approaching take off speed when the pilot aborts and hits the brakes. Problem with the engines apparently - well at least they found that out before we had taken off. :)

So we are back outside the plane again and all those smokers ran off to find that place again. I just had a coffee. 3 hours late though.

I've been home a while now and no real problems with the quit. I've pretty much had to learn to enjoy beer again. I still haven't gotten quite used to the taste without cigarettes, but trust me, i keep trying. :p hic.

I feel like a non smoker now but sometimes i find myself turning to reach for my cigs but mostly i don't think about them anymore.

This IS the start of month two!!! But who's counting?

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I wondered where you'd got to! glad your still ahead of the game.


Oh I remember the airport/traveling crave...... kept reminding myself how lucky I was that I didn't need to run and get my fix, those smokey rooms were hell....... but it was hard and I felt deprived....... that was a long time ago, now I don't think of smoking at all...... traveling is no longer extra stressful because of the smoking bit, it's just normal stressful.

You described two huge triggers (finding a pack of old smokes and the airport) KNOW that they were huge triggers and you handled it just fine..... Keep going and you'll see how easy this quitting thing will get! Well done, James, and welcome to your month 2 ;)


well done James, I am so glad you are still an non smoker, keep it up. I am sure month 2 will be a breeze for you :D


See, this is exactly what I mean... I would have been posting in month 1 for the whole of my second month - just don't have a clue if you are not posting a day ahead of me :)

Anyhow - well done again James...I know what you mean about feeling like a non-smoker - feels really good :cool:


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