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No Smoking Day
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no cravings today so far

Hmh. Strange. But good. 55 hrs in. 7 hrs into the 3rd day. (Feels like the captains log.) So aware of this process now huh? Need the awareness. Slept like crap last night. Kept waking up. Now up to go swimming and writing a test. Yaye, no smoking again today! I'll be back, Teresa xoxo -can visualize the smoking, but don't crave it. Does that make sense? But yesterday I did. Wanted a cig so bad. A crave over a little stressful situation. And there were plenty of times I was relaxed and wanted to "treat myself" to a decaff with vanilla creme, and a cig.

What in the heck kind of "treat to myself" was that. A cig? Your kidding. It's good to write this stuff down. :)

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Well done you, hope you are feeling proud. Sleeping can be a bit difficult at the begining but it will pass.

Think of some positive things to treat yourself with the money you are saving, it will help keep you focused.

Write it down often if it helps, there will always be someone around to listen.

Stay positive, stay strong.


Yeah it's definatly good to keep a noyte of your progress, it gets it all out. Well done stay determined.


Thankyou for for your support Bevyork and Fallen Angel. Made it Day # 3 pretty easily.


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