virtually crave free today

today has been virtually crave free, unbeleivable my first day like this felt soooooo good to. the whole family has taken up a new hobby we can all do together we have been geocaching, so were out walking for 4 hours [apart from a coffee break at asda restaurant] and it keeps u occupied and its very addictive we are going out again tuesday to geocache after school, cant go tomorrow got swimming. omg i can fit so much into my smoke free life i love it. its a worth while hobby if u enjoy walking it just adds that purpose to the walk google it or you tube it, i recomend it for people quitting for sure as this is my first day i havent craved because my mind has been so focused on something new

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  • Hey Boo,

    I just googled it and it looks great, think I will have a go at that, thanks for the suggestion!


  • it is brillaint kids loved it we loved it taking nanny and grampy out tomorrow to search for a cache and above all its free

  • Are you using an android smartphone? when I went to download the app it is telling me it is like £6


  • we have a htc desire phone we didnt pay wen we downloaded

  • Yeah, thats what I have, when you get a chance, would you be able to check what you actually call the app?

    Sorry for being a pain lol

    Jill xxx


    this is the one we have its free

  • Just downloaded it, thanks :D Looks complicated but I will have a wee look later see if I can work it out


  • What a great idea, Boo :cool:

    Excellent for getting out there, giving the kids something to do, the grandparents to help them with it, you to get your mind of smoking....and everyone out of doors getting fresh air and taking advantage of a healthy activity.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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