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Day - 16

Hello everyone,

I am now onto day 16 smokefree and everything seems to be going well, I do have some slight concerns that i have searched around for some answers to but cant seem to find much consistency in the answers, im suffering a bit from insomnia, struglling to get to sleep and the staying asleep - however i am aware this is a symptom of the quit but i was wondering how long it would go on for? Like alot of people i keep getting crazy dreams too but generally good dreams - so thats not really a problem but im slightly concerned that if i carry on not getting enough sleep then it will start to catch up with me?

Any advice is welcomed and thanks for all your continued support :)

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Hi Stuey I am pleased that you have managed 16 full days and yes the insomnia is part and parcel of the quit and the dreams as well, they will all slip back to normality in a while so don’t worry about them, sip plenty of water and get lots of fresh air and this will help you detox faster, In another 5 days you will be 3 weeks always think it sounds better than days :D


Thanks for your response jamangie, i remember the mad dreams from last time i quit but i had put them down to the patches but this time i'm not using patches... and the dreams are quite good anyway - im hoping that the insomnia will go away this week as i go on holiday tommorrow for a week so should be able to get plenty of rest and relaxation :D


Hi Stuey

I quit with patches for a fwe weeks, and my sleep was severely interrupted with both dreams and constant wakening.

Then drinking more coffee during the day to help and that turned into a smoke substitute. All very confusing for both mind and body.

I really can't remember when things evened out but if I could I don't think it would help you much as it varies between folk, regardless of what method they used to stop smoking.

Something that did help was fresh air and exercise and with you having a holiday to enjoy, that could well help with the sleeping.

Enjoy your time over the week and congrats on your quit and being in your 3rd week already :)


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