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Hi...I'm new here & this is hard! :(

Ok, so I'm on day two of quitting...using the Champix tablets, again. I just read someone's post about how sick she is with them...scary!

Anyhow, like most, I have tried to quit several times in the past. I can't remember my last quit but it was a long time ago anyhow. Ive been taking the Champix for 12 days now and I am on day 2 of 'no fags!' It's so hard, I forgot how hard it was. It's like when people go on a diet all they can think of is chocolate and crisps and the foods that they 'can't' eat...all I can think about is cigarettes :(

I have never used a forum for anything before, especially not for quitting smoking, so here's hoping that this helps! :)

Just incase anyone is passing through who has been quit for a while...when does it get easier:confused:

Anyway, if anyone out there has any tips, ideas, anything they want to share I would be more than happy to hear from you :)

Have a good day everyone!

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Hi Donna and welcome

It does get better - honest :) After 3 days your body will be nicotine free so stick with it. Drink plenty of fluids, read loads and post often as it does help - even if you just need to rant. I found having something to fiddle with helped - I got a 'tangle' in my quit kit which kept me sane for the first week some people use elastic bands - whatever works for you really. Good luck and let us know how you're doing :)


Hi Donna don’t be scared as you were doing something so bad before that you should have been terrified, stopping smoking is the best thing without a doubt that you can do for your health and fitness and I’m sure once you have gotten over the shock of quitting you will realise that, as pookie said drink loads see my link in sig it really works and within a couple of weeks, which at the mo seems miles away you will start to feel so much better, the nicco demon may sit on your shoulder for a while but he does go eventually, we can’t give you time scales as we are all different and each quit is unique but you will be good and see the benefits quite soon, take care read the good and bad on here and come join in the fun side on the general forum as well x



Good morning all,

I didnt expect as many resposnses. It's so nice to know that there is some support out there! Thanks so much to all of you who responded for your kind words, they mean a lot.

I am quitting via my work place at the moment, we have a woman who comes to see us once a week. She came to see me yesterday and took my carbon monoxide reading. Last week I was up to 18, which is the highest I have ever known it to be! But yesterday I went all the way down to 3. I was so surprised, but really pleased at the same time. I didnt realise that the nicotine leaves your body so quickly!:confused:

So day three is here, I have had a couple of niggles already, but I must admit, it has been getting a little bit easier every day. Definately worth sticking at it!:)


Morning Donna

I am so glad that you feel so positive and also that you have the backup at work as well, sometimes just having someone to talk to albeit only once a week really can help and make your quit seem easier.

This forum has been my quit sustainer right from the beginning and I don’t think I would have managed without it.

To go from 18 to 3 in the space of a week shows you how quitting can improve your health so quickly and before you know it it will be down to 1, it seems you have to live in a really clean environment to get a 0 as there is pollution in the air and even none smokers struggle to get 0, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go to the 0 as I was mind you I had oxygen levels done last week and they were 99% and I’m told that’s brilliant, don’t know why would have thought 100% would be better LOL

I think within about 3/4 days the nicotine leaves the body but make sure you drink loads of water and this will detox you so you will feel so much better.

You are doing great keep reading and posting and we are always here for you x


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